RESPECT Respect. It means more to some people then other people can ever dream of. Some people think respect is showing that you will "listen" to them when they speak, others think of it as showing gratitude for doing them favors. But lets really define what respect really means. "Showing acknowledgement for some ones superiority in a certain field" is a quote from a famous philosopher.

And to be honest, I'll show respect to someone that can render 3 d animations in a. CGI format, because I think that is field I wound be interested in later in life. But if you ask me to show some respect to someone who is a rocket scientist, I don't think I could because I'll never use that kind of information. Don't get me wrong, I would not disrespect him ether, I just really not be interested. But lets say that someone who is not going to be a computer graphic designer wanted respect they would have to earn. It does not work one way both people wound have to show respect, in order to gain each other's respect.

You can't DEMAND respect, nor make people give respect out of fear. Unless you " re a superstar or MVP of the year, you will have to show respect in order to gain respect. In my conclusion, I want to let you know what it means to me. To gain trust, friendship, and good morels all depend on if you are humble enough to show respect and worthy enough to gain respect. Date: 5-16-02 Word count: 263.