The Crucible I read the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller. The main characters are Abigail, Mercy, Proctor, Hale, and Elizabeth. Abigail is a girl who accuses many people of witchcraft including Elizabeth. Proctor is a farmer who is married to Elizabeth.

He tries to free her when she is accused of witchcraft but gets himself in trouble in the process. Mercy is a helper to Proctor and Elizabeth. When Elizabeth is accused of witchcraft, she comes up with evidence that Abigail accused her as a trick to get ahead in life. Hale is a minister who comes to help the people of Salem solve all of the accusations of witchcraft. The setting is Salem, Massachusetts in 1692. The story starts out in a house were a girl is sick, which is thought to be the caused by the devil.

Then later when many people go to trial for being accused of being servants of the devil, the setting changes to the meeting house. The meeting house is small, beams randomly jet out from the sealing and the walls a remade of boards of different widths. It is rather dark with two doors leading to where the trial is to be held, and at the left is another door that leads to the outside. In the trial area there are two benches, one is on the left and one on the right. Atthe center of the room is a long meeting table, around the table are stools and chairs for people to sit on. Even though there are many problems in this story, the main problem are the people being accused of witchcraft.

The most talked about incident is when Abigail accuses Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft. The only reason that Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft is because she wants to get her out of the way so that she can pursue her husband. Abigail says that Elizabeth's soul came and stabbed her with a pin in the stomach. To make people believe her story, she plants evidence in her house that would make the people in Salem believe that Elizabeth did this through a voodoo type doll. Abigail takes Mary's doll [Elizabeth's helper] and puts a needle through its stomach. Mary gives the doll to Elizabeth.

Then Abigail accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft. When the council comes to the Procter house to fetch Elizabeth, they see the doll with the needle in the stomach as proof that Elizabeth is really a witch. Three major events that happened in this story are when the first two children get sick, when the court comes to town and when Elizabeth gets charged with witchcraft. The first major event that happened was the first two children getting sick.

Since they could not figure out what was wrong, it made them start all of the investigations about witchcraft. The second major event was when the court came to town. Before the court came, the accusations would just be dealt with in the town meeting hall. Now that there was a court, the people would have to stay in jail because problems took longer to deal with. The third major event was when Elizabeth was brought into jail. This was major because many people in the town liked Elizabeth and when they tried to defend her they were put into jail too.

The resolution of this story happens when Elizabeth is brought into court to try to defend her innocence against the witchery charge. Elizabeth tries to defend herself but due to the good acting of Abigail she doesn't win her case. Abigail pretends that Mary's soul is in the form of a bird trying to hurt her. This act gets Elizabeth's husband in jail for making Mary come to court and testify for Elizabeth's innocence. The problem is never really resolved.

Elizabeth's husband, Proctor, signs a confession that he did get in touch with the devil. But he doesn't want it to be publicly shown on the church door and ruin his name so he insists that they don't get the document and rips it up. Since Elizabeth was going to have a baby, so they decide not to kill her. But Proctor is hung that day for making Mary say those things about Abigail.