Night of the L ionOne dark night Jim, Jake, and their little brother Adam decided to stay home to watch the Haley's Comet fly over. The news stations had been airing story, after story about the rarity of the comet's pass over the sky's and it seemed to them that to not watch it would be completely stupid. Little did they know that this night was not going to be a fun filled night instead the worst night of their lives. Jim and Jake are 18 year-old fraternal twins that were inseparable and loved life. Adam who was 11 years old and little shy, was their little brother who was always picked on. Adam loved astronomy and he was really sad when he heard that he had to spend this momentous night with his mean brothers.

Their mother made Jim and Jake spend time with their brother instead of going to a huge party with their other friends. They all lived in a small eastern town called Rockport but it was known for the famous Rockport Zoo." Adam, get that telescope out of the garage so you can be entertained and shut up", yelled Jim. "Okay... ." replied Adam.

Adam went to the garage to find the telescope. He dug and dug through the endless junk and it appeared. He took out to the porch and set it up like his brother told him to do. "Hey Adam when is your bed time", asked Jake.

"I don't have one!" barked Adam. "And your not leaving me here alone or I'll tell Mom." He laid on the couch and sneered at his brothers. He turned on the TV and started to watch the news for news on the comet. They newscaster said that the comet would pass over at 12: 00 am that night and would stay in the sky until almost 1: 00 am." Well, Adam it's ten now, are you sure you can stay up that late?" asked Jim laughing." Shut up!" yelled Adam.

He looked back at to see a breaking news story." We interrupt this program to bring you breaking news live at the Rockport Zoo. We have obtained news that a very dangerous lion has escaped his compound and is lurking the area. The lion on the loose has a rabid like disease that makes him extremely aggressive. There are many Zoo officials and police officers working on finding the lion but so far there is no trace of him.

This certain lion was brought here from a part of Africa that is known for it's blood thirsty lions. This animal is very dangerous and is still at large. For all of the residents of Rockport, Virginia please stay inside your homes and lock your doors." Holy Cow, guys did you hear that!" said Adam." Yes, Adam but we are twelve miles from that Zoo and they will find him before he travels twelve miles" said Jake." Yeah, we " re totally fine there's no way he'd just pick our house to come to anyways. So don't be a baby about it!" said Jim." Whatever, I'm still locking all the windows and doors" said Adam. "Come to think of it we can look through the scope indoors to."No way, we are not going to waist this night and look at the comet through a window. Besides we " ll be able to see it much better outside, the light from inside will screw it up", said Jim." Alright then, but I still have a weird feeling about the whole thing", agreed Adam.

About an hour and a half passed as Adam was readying the scope and Jim and Jake watched TV. The low night fog started to roll in but did not threaten the view of the comet because it was only about ten feet high." Hey, Jim, Jake look at this weird fog", said Adam." Oh, it's nothing", said Jake." Yeah it happens sometimes, but not usually this time of year though... ." , said Jim." Yeah, your right. That's odd", said Jake." Well if you guys say it's not much then we " re fine, I guess", said Adam. He looked out the window at the nebulous fog. Just then the fog seemed to move oddly as if something big was walking in it.

"Whoa, did you see that!"What", yelled Jake? ! "There's something out there in the fog", said Adam. He looked deeper into the fog and it moved again the other way. "Oh my god, it's pacing around us", screamed Adam." You can't be thinking it's that lion, can you", asked Jim? Just then the Jim was looking at the telescope, the fog had covered the whole thing except for the very top of it. Then it fell over and it disappeared in to the fog. "Holy crap, where did the telescope go! ?"Oh my god call 911 Jake", yelled Adam.

"No way they " ll think it's a prank and we " ll get a huge fine", said Jim. "Yeah, we " ll be okay", said Jake. "I'll go set up the scope, because the comet should be passing over any time now." He walked outside and was blinded by the fog but he made his way to where the scope was. Jim and Adam looked out at him in suspense. Jake disappeared into the fog while he was feeling the around ground for the scope. His hand finally touched it and he reappeared out of the fog and shouted and his brothers that he was fine.

Jim and Adam both gave a huge sigh of relief as Jake started to set it up again. He looked down at one of the legs of the scope and noticed a huge claw mark. His eyes widened and his mouth dropped open as he yelled in horror. He quickly threw down the scope and made a dash towards the house. Jim and Adam knew why he was running and they saw him running to the house.

His head was the only thing poking out of the dense fog and about twenty feet from the house they all heard a deep raspy growl. Jake reached the door just in time for his brothers to witness the huge lion sinking it's teeth deep into Jake's side. His flesh was ripping and blood was squirted all over the sliding glass door. Jim and Adam watched in horror as their brother was being bitten. Just then the lion slowly brought his snout out of Jake's flesh and peered right into Jim's eyes. The lion quickly stood up and Jim froze in horror.

Adam dashed upstairs and yelled for Jim but there was reply because he was frozen in complete shock. The lion crashed straight through the window and tackled Jim completely encompassing his whole body. They flew ten feet until they landed with a crash. Right before the shock from the blow killed Jim, he yelled out and the lion grabbed his body with its mouth and flung him clear across the living room. The lion pounced back onto his prey eating him quickly. Adam looked at his dead brother but he was far too shocked and scared to remorse.

Then the lion quickly looked back at Adam as he ran back up the stairs. Adam fell down and then the lion cornered him. The lion looked right into Adam's eyes and turned around. The lion ran down the stairs and out the broken glass door into the dense fog. The End.