Kosovo has encountered some hard times. Ethnic Albanians claim themselves to be the descendants of the ancient, Kosovo's first inhabitants. The Serbs believe that Kosovo is the cradle of their history and culture. Both have different wants; the Serbs with to have "their" land while the Albanians, which make up ninety percent of the population, want an independent nation. Many of the troubles evolved from World War II when the country was torn on whether or not to support t Hitler and his movement. Since then the Albanians have cried for a free republic.

The Kosovo Liberal Army resulted from Albanian attacks. The army was formed to perform terrorist attacks on this who didn't wish to conform to the Kosovo government. Thus, North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) involvement was imminent. The purpose of NATO's involvement was to resolve the conflict as peacefully as possible.

Their involvement, however, seems to be more of a cancer that a cure. Both side of the conflict turn their weapons of destruction not only on each other, but also onto NATO soldiers. Somewhat ironic, to prevent death we must send our brave men in to die. The conflict has been hard on the world, but more so on Kosovo itself. It is predicted that if the war doesn't stop the two-sides will be fighting over nothing other than pride.

The world's involvement into the conflict seems to have fueled the anger of both sides. There are hundreds of people suck in the middle. Regular farmers have become heroes. Women starting orphanages for children who have been abandoned or lost their parents. One story is of a man that digs through the destroyed rubble searching for anything that could be of value to give to those less fortunate than he, and there aren't many that are fortunate. Another is of those who have given their lives, which amounts to hundreds of stories related.

There are those who don't even want to be there such as the American G. I. who is ready and willing to gibe his or her life for those caught in the middle. Yet even though there is goodness in the torn country an official describes it as, "if five candles are burning and one is extinguished, the one not lit sticks out among the others. There is good in this place of anger, it has just been overlooked." The conflict continues, and every day another person is found risking a sacrifice for the good or the country or another person. War is said to bring out the worst in people, but I believe it can also bring out the best.

The Kosovo Liberal Army will continue to attack innocent protestors, the Serbs will fight for what they believe is right, and we will assume responsibility for their actions. The conflict is believed to have a resolution soon. With NATO "assistance" and pressure on both groups to resolve their differences both have become extremely aggressive and hostile towards NATO. Riots, assassinations, murders, and many other forms of terrorist attacks will eventually tear the country to shreds and leave both clans, or one, with a country that isn't even worth fighting over.