Network Upgrade In order to resolve network related problems The Airframe Corporation (TAC) has decided to upgrade the existing network consisting of a mix of Token Ring and shred Ethernet hubs to a switched Ethernet network. The purpose of this paper is to discuss several aspects of the project plan for the upgrade. This discussion will be made in threes sections. Section one will include project definition, while section two will deal with work breakdown structure and estimated schedules, and section three will cover costing and risk analysis.

The project definition will include a background and statement of need, project objectives, the mission and goals or the project, the project approach, the project organization, and a task responsibility matrix. The work break own structure (WBS) will consist of a WBS chart, a task flow and critical path, a project schedule, and project reporting. The costing and risk analysis will contain a cost plan, a project baseline, performance measures, project evaluation and reporting, and project termination. Background and Statement of Need The project team has identified several issues with the current network infrastructure. The first is the availability and cost of token ring hardware. Ethernet is the dominant network topology and is included on many devices at no cost.

Equipment with token ring interfaces can be found but are much more expensive. Another problem is that the current hardware is about 10 years old and is experiencing increased maintenance costs. Another problem is that the majority of the existing cable plant does not meet minimal category 5 standards. Project Objectives The project has been budgeted $200, 000 for cable installation, labor and hardware and the time frame for the project should not exceed six months.

The network upgrade should be designed to support the companies needs for a minimum of seven years without major rework. The project will need to have minimal impact on the network operations, as a result much of the work will need to be accomplished after-hours or on weekends. Mission and Goals of Project The goals of the project are: o Increase network availability to 99. 999%. o Complete project within budget. o Complete project on time.

o Upgrade category 3 cable plant to category 5 e or better. Project Approach The project manager will assemble a team of individuals with the appropriate skills. Network engineering will design and build the network. A cable vendor will be selected by network engineering. Platform engineering will upgrade clients and desktops. Networking engineering will be responsible for selecting an equipment vendor, designing the network, locating a cable vendor, and identifying cable runs that need to be replaced.

Network engineering will also be responsible for installing and configuring the new network equipment. Platform engineering will be responsible for identifying servers, PC's and printers that needs to be replaced and the replacement equipment. Platform engineering will be responsible for replacing the network interface cards (NIC) and configuring the server, PC or printer accordingly. Procurement will be responsible for purchasing all needed equipment and developing a contract with the cable vendor.

Project Organization The project team will be comprised of individuals from three departments which are Platform engineering, network engineering and procurement. Network engineering will be responsible for the network design and switch and router upgrades. Platform Engineering will be responsible for changes made to servers, printers and desktops. Procurement will be responsible for purchasing all equipment.

Task/Responsibility Matrix The following chart explains the high level tasks and the individual responsible for the task. PROJECT MANAGER NETWORK ENGINEER NETWORK TECHNICIAN DESKTOP SUPPORT CABLE VENDOR PURCHASING Kick off & Termination of the project Primary ID cable to be replaced Secondary Primary Determine amount of Ports in each closet Secondary Primary ID Token Ring Devices Secondary Primary Equipment List Secondary Primary Procurement Secondary Secondary Primary Cable Replacement Primary Install, configure and test Network equipment Secondary Primary Replace Token Ring interfaces Primary Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) The project manager met with upper level management to discuss the resources needed to ensure the successful completion of the network upgrade. The project manager developed a hierarchical chart in order to identify the proper chain of command to follow to ensure securing each resource. The following chart discusses how each resource fits into the grand scheme of TAC.