The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas was making a new beginning by making an end. Jonas was making an end by leaving the community. He left with Gabriel because he wanted to experience things outside his community. He was very hurt by the community because he couldn't openly share his feelings. He wanted to share and experience his feelings with other people. He felt the community did plenty of things wrong.

Jonas did not seem to like what happened to people when they were released. He wanted to change many ways people in the community were treated. Jonas made a great a choice by deciding to leave the community. Jonas open up many opportunities and choices when he left the community. "Jonas sobbed and shouted and pounded the bed with his fist" Jonas obviously was angry with the situation he was in along with all the choices he was given.

He wanted to have the right to make decisions on his own. He was able to do this outside the community. He now found peace since he was able to leave and make his own choices. These choices gave Jonas a chance to find a job.

He was also able find other things that were important to him. Jonas was finally able to be happy with himself. It was good for Jonas to be able to have opportunities and choices. Jonas made a life outside of the community.

"Soon there were many birds along the way, soaring overhead calling." This meant that Jonas was able to finally make his own decisions. Jonas now had all the rights that his old community took away from him. Outside the community Jonas can make start a fresh life. Many people don't take advantage of the opportunities they are given. In this story Jonas took the opportunity to start a new life in a different community.

More people need to take these opportunities seriously.