An Old Coon Skinner Says know this old coon skinner who sold fur to Eddie Bower when Eddie was alive. Fortunately one time he took me across the USA to Mr. Bowers home and I got to meet him! WOW is all I can still say, but back to the old coon skinner, Lonnie a big tall 6'6' Red Neck strong as a Loaded Cole Train and kind as 6 week old Red Bone Puppy. My friend Lonnie when I mentioned that I was making Vodka ^aEUR|Well the old boys ears pricked up like a 100 Pound Doberman smell in fresh meat! ... heh he^aEUR|The poor old chap cant drive and barley see (he is 91 years old), but he made sure he was ready for me to pick him up at 5: 00 am when it was time to run a 15 gal batch of sugar wash out of my new valve reflux still. I was kind nervous this is only the second time I ran the new still (LOTS OF HELP FROM THIS SITE).

I had the valves closed, Lonnie kept feeling the column. He said he never seen nothing so new fangled in this ( (IN His God Dam Life) direct quote) ) the old coon shiner says that you have to have a feel for the dam thing Dago! You have to know by touch! You have to know by smell! And Feel^aEUR|I was thinking WTF^aEUR|I was thinking to my self that this old boy cut his teeth on moon shine, so all I could do is pay attention. As the heads came off he asked for a new mason jar. I told him that I wanted to save them to ad to the next batch... Lonnie abruptly replied, I ant had no dam polish from home for 20 years son and this is go in home with me! (I am 45 years old and going on 15 when Lonnie is around, Now that's LOVE! ) I will try not to romance the story too much more and get to the point but what love can be shown just from a great hobby! So the heads are off and we are in the middle of the run and the old boy has his hand on the column every 20 to 30 sec. the still is refluxing better than I could ever expect.

I pull my first 500 ml of the middle run. the old boy tasted it before I could put the alcohol meter to it and said it was 92% he was close it was 90% we collected slow and the old coon skinner was with in 2% every 500 ml I collected. I guess when it's a way of life you never forget! Lonnie is still feelin the column every 30 sec or so and now he islet tin a drip fall on the back of his fingers and rubbing it on his finger nails. I am watching the temp at the same time (He done care for No Temp Gauge) all of a sudden he says CUT IT OFF! and get a new Jar.

(Out of respect to him prior I when out and got 24 new 1 qt Mason jars). Lonnie says the dam thing is slippery, and smelling like a hound dogs ass, well 20 sec later the temp started to rise and it was time for the tails. I am amassed how he could tell by feel when the run was over. By feel.

I felt it almost as much as Lonnie did. I could not tell. So there is a real art to this! Men who know making spirits as well as they do there own soles. BTW. we pulled almost 3 gal of 93. 5 from 15 gal wash at 19% and the old boy took almost all of it home with him...

HAHAHAHA... So this is Love!