"My Winter Vacation" My winter break was really fun and I did a lot of the things that I wanted to do. On the first weekend of our break I went snowboarding with my friend Ian for the whole weekend at Boreal. After that it was time to celebrate Christmas. I went to my aunt's house in Alameda to celebrate Christmas Eve. Our family opens presents during the Eve. I got a lot of stuff that I wanted.

Cash was 2 the top of my list this Christmas because I need money so that I can go snowboarding the rest of this season. On Christmas morning, I drove to San Jose to spend Christmas morning with my mom. I then opened more presents and ate with the rest of my family. I came back to Lodi the morning after so I could spend time with my friends. I ended up only staying here until Thursday night at which time I went back to San Jose because my family wanted to take a trip to Mexico. On Friday morning we left for Mexico stopping along the way to see some sights.

We went all the way down to Ensenada before we stopped for the night to eat and sleep and rest for the next day. The next morning we traveled all around the area and bought a lot of souvenirs. At the end of the day, we ended up in Tijuana so we stayed the night there. The night-life there is so alive and moving that me and my friend stayed up the whole night partying. I guess that that weekend was more active than others because it was New Year's weekend.

The next morning we got up and made our way back to San Jose. On the next morning which was Monday I cam back to Lodi so that I could go party with all my local friends. That night we threw a party in Galt for all my old Tokay friends. After that night, we have just been snowboarding every day until now. That purdy much sum up mah vacation.