this story is about a boy name pony boy. he is four teen and his best friend is named johnny. he is fifth teen. that is like the ony person johnny like of the gang. pony boy has two brothers one named darcy and one named soda pop. darcy is the oldest of the three.

he dropped out of school to take care of his brothers and got a job since his parents has died in a car accident. soda pop is the middle brother he's about six teen or seven teen. they have this gang called the greasers. who is more of a poor gang. then they have this gang called the socials who is more of a rich gang and have girl friends.

the greasers and the socials are two rivalry gangs who do not like each other. cherry valance who is bobs girlfriend she is also part of the socials but she do not like seeing the socials or any body to fight. she went to the movies once with bob. and bob got drunk so she left bob behind and went to sit with johnny and pony boy. cherry got mad because she did not like the way dally was talking to her. so she threw the soda in dally face.

so she ended up talking to pony boy and johnny. and got to know them very well. they also had a lot of things in common. one of them was that they both like watching the sun set. and both like to read a lot. this book was written by s.

e. hinton. i have nothing more to say this is just about all the book says.