MONTANA BY LARRY WATSON EXTENDED REPONSE. 1) In his twelfth year, David discovers the pain of growing up- the fragmentation of the secure world of the innocent though the awareness of truths and realities around him. Discuss. ESSAY In the text Montana by Larry Watson, it is evident that they 12 year old David is growing up. He is a typical 12 year old, loving outdoors, riding his horse, fishing, hunting and exploring (Quote page 23), but by the influences and family around him he has a painful, confusing growing up life.

As David an only child, he was not the only one that is growing up. In a way his family are still growing, learning from every part of past and present issues. David's growing up has a lot of different influences. His father Wes is not a typically loving father.

His fatherly love is harming David in a way to believe different in him and his self. Wes, David's father, has a lot of responsibilities to cover, as he is the Mercer County sheriff. This makes David believe to look after him self and be responsible in a way to show and prove his father, as he disappoints David. (Quote page 17) Even though Wes is the sheriff he is a quite and self-effacing male who puts him self down and this shows that he isn't the typical male stereotype of a Montana Sheriff. As the Hayden's were well known and had heaps of power in Bentrock, David realise's that he is respected because of his name, not because of himself. He didn't have to earn it.

(Quote page 126). David becomes aware of this when he is going to the grocery store, and that the locals didn't know what was happening to his family of power. The citizens of Bentrock didn't know that his father had arrested his own brother for sexually assaulting his patients, and murdering Marie. (Quote page 127) David had shame over his family name. Frank, Wes' brother and David's Uncle, has a great influence on David's growing up. Frank shows his heroism and success fulness and this makes David envy Frank.

(Quote page 78) Even though David idolized Frank, his views changed within the text. After the truth about Frank and his patients David didn't like being alone with him. The thought his own uncle as a criminal. (Quote page 49) David changes his innocents when his is hunting and he shot and killed a magpie. His emotions changed, he needed to kill something. (Quote page 81) It discover the past events, about Marie, Frank and the tension in the family.

He looked in the Magpie's eye and realized strange connections, sex and death, lust and violence, desire and degradation, and they are deep even in a good heart. (Quote page 82) He thought about what would happen if he pulled the trigger on his Uncle Frank. Would everyone's problems be solved? (Quote page 84) If David was still an innocent child, and didn't see the truth, the idea would have never crossed his mind. But David is still a young boy and even though a murderer was locked in his basement, and the thought of Marie's dying breath was still in the air, his boy hunger for chocolate cake was stronger. (Quote page 123) Other influences have helped David's growing up. His mother Gail had strong principle and did care for David but was not much of a mother to him.

Marie was more of a mother to him and she cared for him. As he adored Marie, David's love for Marie was different, as his love for her was, as a twelve year olds love often is, chaste. (Quote page 26) He also loved Gloria in a different way. Gloria was sweet and beautiful and was good to him. (Quote page 77) He thought Aunt Gloria was more than pretty and David loved her in his own desire. (Quote page 77) The smelt of her perfume made him feel warm, and her body was perfect.

He saw Gloria's body differently than anyone else's, He closed his eyes in shame and fear of being caught looking. (Quote page 78) As David was an only child, his family was also growing up. Wes his father eventually grows up and stands up for him self to Frank and also his own father Julian. He shows this as he takes the Law into his hands and doesn't give up to his father. Gail grows up in a way to stand up for her self. She grows more confidence in herself and defends her family when Dale Paris and his friends come to the house to get Frank out of the basement.

The sight of David's mother loading a shotgun, she pulled back on the pump, and pushed back up the pump and the gun was loaded. (Quote page 134) The boom of the shotgun's fire changed Gail's innocence. Frank doesn't really grow up in a way as he commits suicide to hide it. As David gets older he still hasn't grown up in a way. He acts in sarcasm, and is sardonic about life. He becomes a history teacher who doesn't believe in truth, law, harmony and history, the past.

(Quote page 174) It is clear that a lot of thing can influence someone's growing up. In morals and value and also in believes. David's family and problems has proven this in a way, as he was grown up when he was older but now in the future he still isn't really as grown up. WORD COUNT 1006 ESSAY WORD COUNT 891.