Many people go throughout life not knowing exactly who they are. The personality of some one is who they are. Many psychologists have tried to define what they envisioned personality to be, and by analyzing their theories I will try to find out who I am. Carl Jung developed the concept of introverts and extroverts. Introverts are people who tend to be preoccupied with the internal world of their own thought, feelings, and experiences.

Extroverts are people who tend to be interested in the external world of people and things. Personally I do not believe personality can be put into just two columns as Jung has filtered it into. I do not feel like I am extroverted or introverted. It all depends upon what mood and situation I am in. The Big Five theory has a better description of personality.

It is based on five categories, openness to experience, conscientiousness, extra version, agreeableness and neuroticism. Within these categories there are traits that people have, and personality can be based through the traits of the categories. I feel like this gives a better idea of some one's personality because going through the categories I can tell that I am imaginative, conscientious, optimistic, good natured and sometimes relaxed, but also sometimes anxious. This gives a much better idea of what my personality is than saying my personality is somewhere in between introversion and extroversion.

Sigmund Freud claims that personality is based on the sexuality of the unconscious. He claims that personality is completely based on the unconscious and what it wants. Just like Carl Jung, I disagree with Freud, but for a different reason than Jung. I feel like my consciousness has just as much, if not, more control over my body and my personality as my unconscious. I feel like I put a lot of reasoning into my normal daily life rather than do what I unconsciously want to do. However, I do go through surges where my unconscious will want something, and I have to do anything within my conscious power to get it.

An example of this is sexual temptations, or competitiveness (aggression) in sports. I do not like to lose, and some sports I cannot play because there is not enough contact, which my unconscious needs so I can get out the aggression necessary to win the game. I like football because I can convert my aggression and frustration into adrenaline and then convert my adrenaline into afflicting pain on others - in essence - to win the game. However, I also play basketball and there is not enough contact in it to subdue my unconscious need for contact, so my adrenaline can do nothing but turn back into frustration. Through analyzing these personality theories I have got a sense of what my personality is like.

However, what I view as my personality can be different as to what others view my personality as. In order to know what my actual personality is, I need at least a second opinion. Nevertheless, I feel that through the analysis of these theories I know more about who I am. web overview. htm#Psychology Themes and Variations.