Play vs. Movie Watching both play and movie, makes you wonder about the differences and the similarities. Paying attention to those kinds of things makes you realize your sense of thought. In this essay I will be taking you into a deeper level on Hamlet.

Now by seeing the movie Hamlet vs. the play Hamlet, you will notice that scene one came right after scene two in the movie. It threw me off a little bit because you were least expecting it. The other change was when Ophelia was talking with her dad, that never happened in the play.

The last and final change was when they were barring Ophelia, in the play she was in the grave and Hamlet had jumped in the grave to testify his love for her, but now in the movie, she was laying on a white bed and they had place her on the ground next to the the gave. My opinion on the changes is that by doing it differently it made it more believable to me. If you have seen both movie and play you notice things. Such as a scene being cut out. This goes for the movie. As shown in the play Rosencratz and Guildenstern were shown immediately in the play, but come to the movie they were never shown until the middle, when the audience least expected it.

Secondly, Fortenbras had also been cut out, and to mention after Hamlet had died they never announced anyone as king, to where in the play Fortenbras was king. Now when the audience probably watched the movie Hamlet first, it most likely left everyone wondering, "Who will be king now?" When making a movie the director wants it to be attention grabbing, he wants you to keep wanting more. And that's exactly what director Franco Zeferelli did with all the inclusions he put in the movie Hamlet. Just like in the very begining of the movie they showed King Hamlet's funeral. In the play they just talked about him being dead.

In the movie they showed the execution of Rosencratz and Guildenstern. In the play we were knew they died. when Hamlet was coming back to Denmark Zeferelli had included the part where Hamlet was reading all the spy letters. My thought on movie vs.

play was that I liked the movie a whole lot better then I did the play. For one I was familiar with all the actors in the movie, that grabbed my attention right away. The scenes in the movie made it more believable to believe that this story could have been true. To where as in the play Hamlet seemed as if he had gone mad more than he was supposed to. Ophelia's death did seem as real to me as it did in the movie, when Zeferelli showed that she had drowned. So I give two thumbs up to the movie Hamlet..