There are many causes on the various types of child abuse. Child abuse is when violence and cruelty occur against children. Eight percent of all children abused are emotionally maltreated. Sixteen percent are sexually abused. Twenty-seven percent are physically abused. Fifty-five percent of all children abused are neglected ("Child Abuse" 116).

There are many types of abuse. Parental neglect or nutritional deprivation is the most common technique of abusing a child ("Child Abuse" 116). An example of this would be when a child is irregularly fed or kept in dirty clothes for a long period of time ("Child Abuse" 222). The second most common way of abusing a child is physical abuse ("Child Abuse" 116). Physical abuse is when a child is slapped, hit, kicked, shoved, or has objects thrown at them ("Child Abuse" 222).

Another common way of abusing a child is sexual abuse ("Child Abuse" 116). Fondling, masturbation, intercourse, and pornography are a few of the things that are done to a child when they are abused sexually ("Child Abuse" 222). The last way to abuse a child is through emotional abuse ("Child Abuse" 116). When the abuser humiliates the child, reprimands them, or other acts that are carried out over time ("Child Abuse" 222).

Certain situations increase the risk of child abuse. These problems cause stress and tension which is sometimes expressed in neglect or violence toward a child. Many adults that abuse their children were abused as kids themselves. The parents are immature, unstable, lonely, and feel unloved ("Child Abuse" 222).

They repeat what was done to them uncontrollably in violent outbursts. The abusive parents are unaware of any other way of acting. They may think that beating a child is normal. Sometimes the parents might also think that their children "deserve" to be abused, just as they "deserved" it when they were younger (" Child Abuse: Opposing Viewpoints" 108).

This is one of the many causes of child abuse. Drug addiction also increases the chances of child abuse. The addiction to drugs makes parents less responsible. It also makes them more violent toward their children both physically and emotionally. All drug addicted parents attention is focused towards the drugs and as a result of that they pay less attention to their kids ("Child Abuse" 85-90).

Poverty is also a cause of child abuse. The parents can't cope with the stress of poverty, which leaves the children to bear the brut of their parents' frustration. Children living with a single parent or in poor families are at a higher risk of abuse. Economic and inter-personal factors act jointly in these families to create a situation of severe economic stress, hardship, and dependency ("Child Abuse" 91-95). Some societal values may perpetuate child abuse and neglect. The acceptance of violence as a way of life, and the conviction that parents have a right to treat children as they please is a part of this cause of abuse.

Domestic abuse, or violence at home, has a major role in child abuse. The majority of battered women do not press charges, which increases the possibility that the abuse will escalate and include the child. The society's tolerance of violence especially towards children varies the percent of abused children in that community ("Child Abuse" 96-101). The last cause of child abuse is lack of community ties. Parents' fear of strangers leads them to isolate themselves and their children. The isolation causes parents to feel alone.

They also feel that they are unable to parent effectively. This increases the likelihood that these overburdened parents will abuse their children ("Child Abuse: Opposing Viewpoints"102). Also, the desire to avoid outside involvement in family life may influence the occurrence of child abuse and neglect ("Child Abuse" 99). Obviously, from reading this, there is now more awareness on the cruelty and violence aimed towards children. Hopefully, the information that was gained will help victims of past child abuse, stop future abuse. Emotional, physical, sexual abuse, and neglect are all caused by different things.

Things such as drug addictions, lack of community ties, a violent society, poverty, and repetition of what was done to the abusers when they were kids cause child abuse. Though it was in short element the knowledge will surely help for future references.