David McCullough had a speech on O'Neill Memorial Lecture about his view of history. In his point, history is the foundation for the humanity, it just like us now, distance and time, bring many human life evidence together. David said "history always one thing lead to another, it do not have to be a model patten in a form." Thus, history is so important in our daily life. David also said that don't look down of the past people who make some odd decisions, think they are foolish and unrealistic, because it's not possible to deserve history in culture. History can be the theories, methods, administration, technology, music, art, science, medicine, movie etc, throughout the world from ancient times to the present. Educated is usually carried history out by the school, but it doesn't explore the truth ethic and ideal what happen in the process.

Experience history made as life pesterer as art. We tent to the reality of photograph, but not the felling which are the death, color, country, and story nature. In early 1970's, student only can look at picture, and words to realize what happen in the past, whereas now, through television, history can truly come alive. These days, there is really no excuse for young people not knowing about history when an entire industry is devoted to making it more appealing. Learning history is a unique approach for helping an organization learn from the experience and implication of its own learning and change initiatives.

In one sense, the learning history is a document, ranging, describing a critical change or learning effort. We need to learn history in the past and pass on our history to next generation. To improve and achieve the society from culture's history, we are not going to do those mistake in the past again. Thus, we can developed our nation and teach the children to pass it on.