Sharing Leadership Song: She " ll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain She " ll be coming 'round the mountain when she comes, 'Whoo, Hoo' Driving six white horses... 'Whoa Back' We " ll all go out to meet her... 'Hi Babe' We " ll kill the old red rooster... 'Hack, Hack' We " ll all have chicken 'n dumplings... 'Yum, Yum' We " ll wear our bright red woo lies... 'Scratch, Scratch'-The subject of this presentation is Sharing Leadership.

-I need 4 (four) volunteers. Each get a Name-tag and corresponding style card. -Now we are going to have a role-playing activity with four patrol leaders... Introduce each. -The situation which each patrol leader will lead us in is: The Scoutmaster would like your patrol to build a campfire for all of the parents who a revisiting tonight. The Wolf Patrol has also challenged your patrol to a game of ultimate.

What will your patrol do? -Which leader handled the situation the best? -If the Patrol Leaders' Council decided that it would be better if the troop went to a different summer camp this summer, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If young Johnny Scout needs help in setting up his tent, but the patrol leader has to go to a Patrol Leaders' Council, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If the patrol is going rock climbing and the Patrol leader is an expert, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If the patrol must decide on a design for a new patrol flag, which leader would be best to lead the group? -If the Patrol leader needs to decide on a campsite for his patrol at summer camp and he gets knows that he may not get his first choice, which leader would be best to lead the group? -Is there one leader that is best for all situations? -Does a good leader have a combination of all of these styles? -Now that we have a general idea of leadership styles, we can examine each more closely. Remember that different situations often need different types of leadership. -The Four Style of Leadership are Telling, Persuading, Consulting, and Delegating. -The First one, Telling, is sometimes called Ordering. -In this case, who identifies the problem, makes the decision, and directs the activity? (The leader) -Are the group members considered? (Sometimes yes and sometimes no) -When is telling or ordering the right leadership style? (Emergency) (Leader is and Expert) -The Next style of leadership is Persuading or Selling. -Who makes the decision in this style of leadership? (The Leader) -Once he has made the decision, what must he do then? (Sell it to the group members) -How is persuading different from telling? (Telling = group does what leader wants) (Persuading = gets the group to agree with the leader) -When is persuading the right leadership style? (Leader knows more about the situation) (Leader wants enthusiastic participation) (PLC has already made a decision that must be sold to the group) -Consulting is the third style of leadership..