R. E. M... Religious, educational and moral values. These are the three values that affect society today the most, I think. Society may look down on people if they do not live by what society thinks is correct.

For example if a persons values are corrupt then society will look down on that person, but if a person has real high morals then society will think that they are fake of just a "goodie." In society today you will be looked down anyway your moral beliefs are. The first value that I think has a big part in society today is religion. This is a value that nobody likes to talk about in the world today. In the public eye, the people as a nation believe in a god that society comes to understand. Many different people have different god's but society will only socialize with the word god in a crisis or a time of need. A good example is what happened on 9/11/01.

You would never turn the television and see the president asking for god's grace to bless that nation, but in the time of need society turned to a god of their understanding to relieve some of their pain and fear. Personally I am religious and I have always known the god that is in my life, but as society can shape anyone i never talk about him for the fear that society look down on me as an individual. I believe that I should not have to fear society and should express my religious beliefs to my fullest capability. I feel that education is the second most important value in society today. Today America in general looks very highly on education and the education process. I also believe that an education is very good to have but not all that society makes it out to be.

I feel that a person should have a good education so that can open up his mind and give him something to persuade in his future. If a person is educated that can really have an advantage in the "real world" today. Society looks very highly on a person with a good education, but this is where I disagree with society. Since society looks so highly on education, the people that may have a natural talent or trait may never get a chance to peruse a good career.

The job market will always look at the person that has a schooling background and never at that other person that does not have a good education. Even if that person with the education may not be the best person to hire for the benefit of the company but the company will still hire him because of his education background. The third and most important value, I feel in America today, is morality. This is a tough subject to say weather or not a person is correct or if society is correct on their moral values. A person will only know in their heart if they are truly moral or not.

Society has a set of morals that they set to live by in the world today and the moral values may change as everyday passes. That is that one good thing, I think, that society has an advantage over a single person. If society does not accept a value then society will gradually get rid of it and just the opposite if they think a value should have a higher moral "rating." If a person tries to live by what society sees as a truly moral person then that person may still feel empty because they lived up to society's moral needs and did not live their own. With the three values that the American public looks very highly of a person might see how easy society can become corrupt. In theory, with a strong value system, society could live in perfect harmony. This is not possible in the world today because there are too many people living as a single person and not a nation..