My Place of Refuge For a number of people visiting places of significance can be the channel for changing one's point of view on life, recharging one's emotional battery, or growing closer to one's family and friends. These favorite places could have characteristics such as captivating beauty, sentimental value or a refuge of serenity. My favorite place where I find refuge is at Pomme De Terre Lake near Bolivar, Missouri. This is where I find a connection with my family and friends. The lake is a place to reflect on times spent growing up and now a place to make new memories with my family and friends.

A place to find refuge from normal day-to-day life and take in the beauty of such a splendid area that God created. 1. The smells surround me in an irresistible craving for the lake. A. The smell of the dew in the morning. Smells of the campfires C.

Waking up by the aroma of the bacon frying. 2. As I think of the aroma of the bacon frying it brings my to the sensational tastes created at the lake. A. The flavor of the bacon in your mouth. B.

I take delight in the taste of the smoked turkey on July 4. C. The taste of a cold beer while spending a hot day on the lake or enjoying a late night game of cards. 3. The magnificent sights created at the lake.

A. Blazing orange and red colors created by the flames of the campfire. B. The marvelous scene of an evening sunset. C. The view of our family enjoying time together at the lake.

4. The sounds of the lake create a refuge from the normal day-to-day life. A. The voices of my family talking and laughing B. The roaring of the engines of the boats racing up and down the water. C.

While laying in the tent taking in the peaceful sounds of the night 5. The lake makes me feel such an enjoyment. A. The feel of the salmon ski under my feet. The control I feel while in the driver's seat of the boat. The feel of the dew under my feet People need to find a place that can cause a renewing to their body and their inner self.

People need time to create significant memories with their family and friends. They need a place to reflect back on the beauty of our magnificent world that God created. We all need to find a way to recharge our emotional battery and grow closer to the ones we love. The lake that I was grew up at and created such sentiment memories now is the place that I find true refuge. The lake is my place where I go to get back to the essentials of life and enjoy what God created for us.

This is a place where I can watch my family grow together, listen to the laughter and enjoy the freedom from our day-to-day lives. Now as you can see the lake is a significant part of my life, a place where I grow and receive an emotional recharge. The lake has made me who I am and who I will be. It brings me true inner peace and rejuvenation. Therefore, people in the demanding world that we live in today, also need to find a place that they also can call their place of refuge.