~ About ChriS ~Full name: Chris Constantin os Curtis Date of birth: 1983 /Jan 23 Age: 22 Nick name: Crispy or Butter face Hometown: Athens, Greece Astrological Sign: Aquarius Height: 6. 4 Weight: 165 pounds Hair color: brown Eye color: brown Vocal range: 4 Octaves Parents: Roger and Dora Brother: Alex Sister: Clio Favorite food: Italian, seafood, Thai and Chris loves Mcdonald's french fries. Favorite color: Orange Favorite clothes: Armani, Gap, Massimo Dutt i, Fubu, Pull and Bear. Favorite training shoes: Nike Favorite Hair Gel: L'o real the[ out of bed ] style. Favorite animals: Dogs, Dolphins The Dogs Chris likes: Bulldog, Yorkshire, Airedale terrier, German shepard. >> The Chris Curtis Diet: Breakfast: All bran with Soy milk or 2 fried eggs with ground beef.

Lunch: grilled chicken fillet with salad or a nice juicy steak with broccoli finished with a great cajun sa use on top. Dinner: prawn Salad with Italian dressing or sushi. [ no mayonnaise ]Desert: [Rarely] Apple crumble, Mars bar or cheese cake from 'The Cheese Cake Factory " Snack: Fat free pop corn Favorite cold drink: Vanilla from Starbucks! Thoughts on acting: [ When I watch movies like Chicago, The Others, The Client, High crimes, and Phone booth, It really encourages me to act! ]Favorite Female actors: Ashley Judd, Meg Ryan, Susan Sarandon, Liz Hurley, Nicole Kidman, Catherine Zeta Jones. Favorite Male actors: Anthony Hopkins, Richard Gere, Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler, Martin Lawrence. ^Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading novels, shopping at the mall, hanging out with his friends and idyllic days at the beach Best hangout: watching friends with his close friends.

Favorite sports: kick boxing, soccer, diving. ^ Hopes for the future: to really make it like Michael Jackson and do a single with Mariah Carey.