Benefits of Time Management Time management is a lifesaver for college students. Today with full course loads, part time jobs and numerous other commitments students often find themselves with little time for studying and recreation. Students who choose to plan his or her day by properly managing time will benefit greatly. One of the many steps to make time management effective is to develop a time strategy.

The time strategy should be based on a short list of time priorities. This short list of time priorities forms the basis for a student's time planning for every week of the year. Good time management for a student requires three points. The first of the three points that a student should keep in his or her mind is not taking on more than he or she can handle. If a student has scheduled to many classes to take in one semester then the workload can be overwhelming. Next a student should reasonably estimate the time required to perform each of the tasks at hand.

If A student does not find out how long each tacks is going to take then he or she will be running behind in time and will not be able to perform all the tacks that are require for that day. And finally he or she needs to actually do what needs to be done. If a student is not a head of schedule, then he or she is behind schedule. Because if he or she tries to remain right on schedule, then any mishap or misjudgment will cause he or she to fall behind. For example when a student has a deadline and he or she does not have a printer at home and the printer in the library is broken, no recovery time is possible. Therefore the skills that must be learned are the lifesaving skills of time management Time management are skills that a student or anyone will carry with him or she throughout life..