What is the most effective way of punishment? Human life is very important it doesn't mater what sex you are or what you have done. If something can be fixed then that's what you should always try to do first. Capital punishment should not be used in today's society. If a person is found guilty and then later on new evidence is uncovered you can't bring that person back to life. Imprisonment should be a last resort; there are other sentencing alternatives, which can work, in the best interest of the offender and society. Most offenders that commit murder is "out of the spur of the moment" and are very unlikely to re-offend.

Instead of imprisoning and offender for the rest of his life and cost the government $80, 000 a year to keep them locked up we could send him to deterrence program and also to a rehabilitation program to ensure that he is mentally stable and can be released back into society closely watched, without re-offending. It would be much more convenient to spend our money on preventing the offenders from re-offending then to just send them straight to prison. Prison is an ineffective way of punishment, instead of preventing the offender from re-offending when they get out of prison it just teaches them how to be a better criminal. For example if you put a dog with other wild dogs it will become more vicious and probably mentally instable from what it has gone through but if you take the same dog and introduce him to a safe and friendly environment and teach it how it should behave I guarantee that that dog will not re-offend. The government is spending its money in the wrong area. Just because they are imprisoned it doesn't mean that they wont re-offend when they get out.

I know that most people in today's society believe in eye for an eye and most victims want the offender to suffer like they did but revenge is never the way to go. Revenge is not part of the law system. The aims of punishment are: . To punish the offender in a just way.

To help with rehabilitation. To stop the offender from re-offending. To protect the community What I have suggested above covers all of four criteria's and not only that I believe it to be a more effective way of punishment. I'm not saying that some people don't belong to be in prison for the rest of their life but there are offenders out there that can be rehabilitated and released back into the society. Not every one that offends are the same and each case has to be closely looked at and evaluated. What I am trying to say is that when they evaluated the severeness of the case they should take what I have written in mind and see if the person can be rehabilitated or not..