Thesis Statement Beer is a very important part of this countries history and continues to be a large part of it today. Introduction A. Attention Getter: How many of you have thought about the effects that beer has had on shaping this country the last time you were drinking one? B. While few think about it beers history is as rich and full as its taste. C. Beer played as big a part in the development of our country as any other industry D.

Beer is still very important to our country today. E. This is why I think it is important and interesting to learn about beers history in America, why we are lucky that prohibition failed, and the important place beer has still today. Body A.

Beers history in this country is as old as the first immigrants. 1. Beers early and modest roots start this country to what we are drinking today. 2. Beers evolution is as extensive as our own One thing loomed in the way of beers evolution. B.

Prohibition was very destructive to the nation as a whole 1. Prohibition was impossible to enforce and just increased crime. 2. Prohibition was very destructive to the nations economy. We as a nation are lucky that prohibition did fail.

C. Beer today plays an important part in society 1. It plays an integral part in the nations economy 2. It is also quite obviously a staple in this countries social system Conclusion A. Beer plays a very important role in this nations development.

B. The brewing industry continues to play a pivotal role in our nations economy.