Nelly Concert On Monday March 25, some members of the baseball team, my girlfriend, and I traveled to Murray State University to watch a concert performed by Nelly and the St. Lunatics. It was a terrible night to go anywhere because it was raining and storming the whole way, but there was nothing that was going to stop us from going to the concert. We where all so hyped up about it and couldn't wait to head out. My brother, who attends Murray State, had gotten us excellent seats about seventy-five feet away from the stage.

We got to the Murray about twenty minutes before the concert started. So we headed in to find our seats and wait for the opening band to come out and perform. At about five after eight, the lights went out and it was time for the concert to start. Two guys came out on stage and started to sing. The two guys called themselves Core Project. I thought that this band was pretty awful.

I could not understand one word they said the entire time they were on the stage. They just tried to be like every other band to come out right now. They didn't offer anything different or unique. I must not have been the only one that thought they were bad because there were many people booing and yelling out "you suck" while they where on stage.

After about a twenty minute performance they left the stage and another band came out to perform. The next band to come out was a group called Three Strikes. I really didn't appreciate their music either. They were just your typical rap band. They had the exact same style that most rap bands have today. They too, didn't offer anything new or original.

Everything they sang sounded the exact same. The next group that performed was a up and coming group called Abyss. They were a lot better than the other two opening acts that were on before. They came out on stage and started slinging c.

d.'s out into the audience of what was suppose to be there hit single. I didn't happen to get one of these, but they did throw them close to where I was sitting. At last it was time for Nelly and the St. Lunatics to come out on stage. It is about ten o'clock at this and the audience was starting to get restless.

But then they got the stage ready for them and the lights went out again. Then the D. J. got on the microphone and started yelling out to the audience getting us all hyped up. Then they started playing some music and started introducing each member one by one. After all the St.

Lunatics had been introduced, there was just one more member to go. Then the D. J. said there is just one more left for me to introduce and that is when Nelly came out and started singing one of his many hit singles. The sold out crowd started going nuts.

He came out and started singing all of his hit songs. When the got to one song they started throwing fake money out into the crowd. Then at the end they started throwing many things out into the audience. This included headbands, hats, shirts, and one of the members even throw his boots out into the stands.

I really enjoyed the concert and thought it was a lot of fun. The lighting and the show was very unique and I was very glad that I got to go.