Judaism and Islam has been controversial today because of the war between Arabs and Jews. Though it may seem the conflict is over religion it's not at all, its over land. Palestine is considered be a holy land and the Arabs want the land they fought for fifty-four years. Islam was found in the Middle East. This religion was started because of the founder of Islam Mohammad. Mohammad was born into poverty in Mecca.

Mohammad parents died and was adopted by his uncle. He later married a rich widow. He was once visited by the angel Gabriel while meditating. Mohammed received the message from God to spread the new religion to his friends and neighbors the new faith was to be called Islam this means submission to Allah the one true God. Mohammed said accept Allah and obey him and well be judged on judgment day they will be judged on good and bad deeds or refuse him and suffer. (Payne, 17) Mohammad said that God had sent previous prophets to spread Gods message but Jews Christians and other groups did not listen properly and the message was lost.

Mohammad is said to be the last of prophets of Islam (Payne, 17) The Islam started when Mohammad traveled to Yathrib which is now Medina after he traveled there his journey was known as the hijra (Payne 40) the hijra was a major change for Islam. The people in Yathrib welcome Mohammad as Gods prophet. His reputation spread quickly. Mohammad's message spread quickly far beyond Arabia. As many people started to convert to Islam.