Many people feel a pressure to look a certain way in today's world. Many also feel overweight, even though they are an average size. Numerous people are deceived by the media that happiness and success follows when a thin body is present. However, what they don't show on television is how unhealthy, both physically and psychologically, it is to have such an unrealistic image of "perfection" in their minds.

There are so many different aspects when it comes to eating disorders and celebrities. The majority of society may believe that it is nothing more than either not eating at all, or maybe even just the concept of bulimia. Although those are defined as eating disorders, working out obsessively can also be considered an eating disorder. "The word 'eating' in the term 'eating disorders' refers not only to a person's eating habits per se, but also to his / her weight-loss practices and attitudes towards body shape and weight" (www. web). A disorder results when those attitudes and practices develops an unrealistic perception of body weight and shape, and potentially life-threatening physiological imbalances to name just a few.

"The development of an eating disorder can be caused by several factors, including biological or genetic susceptibility, emotional problems, problems in relationships with friends or family members, personality problems, and societal pressures to be thin" (web). In terms of psychological aspects, many celebrities today are faced with current and future problems. Despite the fact that they may believe they are doing no harm to themselves by being so thin, there are a lot more things they should be thinking about. "Eating disorders account for roughly 60% of all celebrities. It's just their way of life," says Earl Rodgers of STAR magazine. The fact that celebrities make it a point to show that they are happy and wealthy being thin, shows that they disregard a sort of long term respect for themselves and value their outside appearance more than anything.

What they don't seem to realize is what kind of psychological effects they have not only on themselves, but on the general public as well.