There were many differences between the To Kill a Mockingbird the movie and the book with the same title and story line. One difference was that the movie didn't show Miss Maudie's house getting burned down, and in the book, Miss Maudie house did burn down. Another was the emotional difference between the movie and the book. The third difference was that in the book, the pageant was described, but the movie did not show the pageant.

In the book Miss Maudie's house burned down, while in the movie, it didn't. If the movie had shown Miss Maudie's house getting burned down, it would probably have been more interesting. The second difference was in terms of emotions. The book was more emotional than the movie because it was more descriptive.

When Tom Robinson was convicted for a rape that he did not even commit, the book made the situation more dramatic because of how well it was described. The book was less emotional because the event just occurred. There were no in-depth descriptions of the situation. Another example of this point was when Boo Radley had saved Jem and Scout from Mr. Ewell. When Scout told Boo it was alright for him to pet Jem, it was better described in the book.

The third point is that the pageant the night that Jem and Scout were attacked was shown in the book but no in the movie. The movie only showed them walking up to the stairs, then the scene changed and they were walking back from the pageant. The book described how scout fell asleep during the pageant and came a long time after her cue. Many differences can be seen between the book and the movie of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Most of them are very obvious. How would it feel to be the person to be convicted for something that person did not do?