"Oh my God! It is awfully dark!" screamed Britney as she tried to quickly make her way through the incinerator. She felt a brisk chill on the back of her neck as she heard her predator drawing closer and closer. Her body quickly stopped as she slammed into the catwalk railing. Her heart was pounding and her feet staggered as she pulled her body up the 50 foot catwalk.

The stairway started to sway as the person following walked onto the steps. Britney kept running into cold metal as the catwalk twisted and turned around the building. She figured she must be getting near the stairs when she felt a violently stern hand grab her neck. The man had caught her and she lost her breath. Desperately screaming, he picked her up by her hair and her legs, and lifted her up over the railing.

Britney tried to grab for anything as she fell. He heard her scream, then a blood curdling snap, and then silence It is 9: 45 a. m. when Anthony Streets arrived at the Glen Oak Recycling center. Police and forensics already made their way through the incinerator, checking the smoke stacks, burning pits, control rooms, and machinery for clues." Take a break, guys. Let me have a look around for awhile." This was Anthony's first case on his own, since his 15 year partner had died unexpectedly." Mr.

Streets. The girl worked here on weekends. She was 26, from California. We already contacted the family.

Three other people used their key cards yesterday; Betty Thompson, Chris Moore, and Devon Moore. All are on their way here. Betty Thompson and Chris Moore were on the time sheet to work yesterday."Thank you Officer Becker. Now please ask your men to give me my space. Thank you." Anthony examined the place of death first. It was obvious that Britney fell, by the way her neck was broken and by the way she was sprawled on the icy concrete floor.

Blood was smeared, so he could tell the murderer touched the body to make sure she was dead, but there were no fingerprints found. He then went to search the cat walk. As Anthony attempted to ascend the catwalk, he felt a cold hand touch his shoulder." Excuse me, are you a cop? The police department called me down here. What is going on?" As Anthony caught his breath, he asked, "And you would be who?"The name is Moore. Devon Moore. Could you please tell me what is going on? I'm missing football."Britney Murphy is dead.

She was killed last night," answered Mr. Streets sorrowfully." Oh no. Do they know who did it yet? Are there any suspects? Am I a suspect?"Mr. Moore, I just need to ask you a few questions. Don't jump to conclusions. Why were you at the incinerator last night? You didn't have to work, did you?" Devon stuttered, "No, sir.

I didn't work. I was bringing Britney something to eat. She had called me last night and told me she was staying late. She is my ex-wife sir. I thought it would be a nice gesture, but when I got here, she was nowhere to be found. It was dark so I called her name from the front door.

When she didn't answer, I figured she just left early with Chris."Why Chris?" asked Anthony." Chris was working earlier in the day. She might have called him to come pick her up. They are... are seeing each other."Isn't Chris your brother?"Yes, sir. We both work here on the weekends for extra money. I got him the job."Alright," said Anthony in an exhausted tone.

"That is all for now. I will call if I have further questions." Anthony didn't feel very good after talking to Devon. He didn't get a good vibe from him. Officer Becker approached Mr. Streets quickly." I just got a call from the station. Blood was found under Ms.

Murphy's fingernails. We got it tested and it is Devon Moore's."Thank you Officer. Have the other two employees arrived yet?" Officer Becker shook his head. "Yes they both are here. Chris is outside clearing up the yard a bit and Mrs. Thompson is in the main office." Anthony made his way to the office where he was greeted by a brittle lady in a wheelchair.

"Hello Mrs. Thompson. How are you?"Well, I was having quite a wonderful day, until Devon told me the news as I arrived. Is it true? Who could have done such a cold, heartless thing?"I don't know." Anthony sighed under his breath. He already knew this was going to be a waste of his time. "That is what we are trying to figure out.

When did you work yesterday?"Well Officer, I worked from 8 to 4: 30. Chris and I left at the same time but Britney stayed behind. She said something to Chris about finishing up paperwork before leaving."I'm a detective, not an officer. What is your job here at the Recycling Center?"Well detective, I am the control room operator. That is all I really can do here, ever since I got in my car accident and got stuck in this stupid wheelchair."Alright," Anthony said hurrying Mrs.

Thompson along, "I'm all done now. If anything else is needed, I will be sure to call. Thank you for coming down here."Ok. I hope you figure out this whole mess soon.

I feel so bad for Chris, he can't say much right now, he is in a lot of pain... I mean emotionally, you know. Goodbye." Anthony watched as Mrs. Thompson went out into the yard and briefly talked to Chris. As she pointed to the building, Chris started walking up to the main office door. He stumbled into the door and unexpectedly walked right up to Mr.

Streets." Hello, I'm Chris Moore. I hear that you have some questions to ask me. I really want to just go home, call Britney's parents. So can we please make this as fast as possible?"Of course, Mr. Moore. I'm sorry, by the way, about what happened to your girlfriend." Chris responding surprised, "Who told you she was my girlfriend? I mean we have been seeing each other, but I didn't think anyone knew.

Ever since... um... Britney divorced my brother Devon, we have been trying to keep our relationship quiet so we don't upset him."Well, Chris, Devon was actually the one who told me about it. So you are saying he would be upset if he knew about you two?"Well anyone in his position would be furious. His recent ex-wife dating his brother.

That is why we didn't want him to find out for awhile, but I guess he found out anyway."Chris, if you don't mind me asking. How did you get those scratches on your face? And what about your ear? Why is there a wound there?"Oh, those. I like skateboarding. I am not very good though, if you can tell." Chris chucked. "I don " really know how this managed to happen, and I feel quite embarrassed, but my earring got caught on my sweatshirt one day while I was skateboarding.

Ripped it right out. And the cuts, they are on my arms too. They are just random times I fell or ran into something." Chris feared that the detective didn't believe him and tried to explain more. "I'm sorry, sir. I know how that must sound, but I am telling the truth.

Britney actually was the one who started me on skateboarding. She loved doing it."Alright, alright Mr. Moore. I understand. I think that is all I need to talk to you about right now. Like I told the others, if I need anything further I will call you.

Thank you for talking to me and now please take care and just take it easy." Anthony was tired, frustrated, and ready to go home. He talked to Officer Becker one more time, telling him that he was planning on visiting the coroner's office later that day for the autopsy, but he was planning on going home now. As Anthony sluggishly walked to his car, he tried to sort all of the information out in his head. After eating dinner by himself in front of the television, Anthony called the coroner's office to confirm the 7 p. m. meeting time for the autopsy.

As he got in his car, he felt the cold chill of winter coming. After parking on the backside of the hospital, Anthony entered through receiving as he had done so many times before. Britney's body was already on the frigid metal table under a white sheet. The doctor entered the room and greeted Anthony." Hello Mr. Streets.

What have you brought me this time?"Nice to see you Doctor Greene. A 26 year old female who was thrown off a cat walk down in the incinerator at the Recycling Center."Let's see, Mr. Streets," said Dr. Greene as he scratched his head like a monkey. "Her neck broke. She has blood and skin under her fingernails.

We will have to run tests to see who that belongs to, but you know that already." The rest of the autopsy came up with no helpful evidence. Mr. Streets went back to his home and tried to get some sleep for his day ahead. Anthony was surprised when he woke up the following day at 5 p. m. He had no idea that he was that tired or how he could have slept that long with no one calling to wake him.

It was already dark, he had slept practically the whole day. As he sat up in his bed, Anthony is startled by the sudden shrill ring of the telephone. It was Doctor Greene." Hello Mr. Streets. I don't have time to talk, for I am very busy. I wanted to let you know the results of the tests though.

The blood under Britney's nails belongs to Mr. Devon Moore. The skin, however, belongs to one Chris Moore. I don't know how you explain that, but I am not the detective here.

That is your job."Thank you for calling me. I will talk to you soon. Have a nice night." Anthony quickly called the police and asked them if there had been any reports from the Recycling Center in the past few days. The police told him only one, an accident report. The accident involved Devon Moore. Metal from one of the machines broke off and cut his stomach.

Britney Murphy was found trying to control the cut when the ambulance arrived. Anthony hung up the receiver and tried calling Chris immediately, but it was busy. He had a bad feeling and got in his car to go visit the incinerator plant." Hello, is this Devon Moore?"Yes this is him. Who is this? How may I help you?"Hi, this is Detective Streets.

I talked to you yesterday. I was just wondering if you could come down to the incinerator at 8 p. m. tonight so I could go over a few things with you."Of course, Mr. Streets. I will leave right now."Thank you Mr.

Moore. I greatly appreciate it," Chris snickered as he hung up the phone and got in his car toward the incinerator. Devon arrived at the incinerator and got out of his car. He went into the main office and waited until he saw someone else arrive. When he saw the second car pull up, it did not look like the car that he had seen the day before. It was a big, rusty truck that put-putted as the driver put it in park, and then turned off.

As the person walked into the office area, they were dressed in all black and Devon couldn't see the person's face." Hello? Mr. Streets?" said Devon startled As Chris uncovered his face from his hood, Devon gasped. "Hello little brother. I bet you weren't expecting me here, were you? I am sure you have figured it all out now. You know that ever since I met Britney, and then you took her away from me, I have been mad.

You married her! How could you have done that. I tried taking her back after you and her got divorced, but that is all she talked about was you. I just couldn't take it anymore. She didn't love me like she had before, before she met you. She loved you, so I had to get rid of her.

Just like I have to get rid of you!"No, Chris! You don't know what you are talking about. You don't want to do this. We are brothers!" But before Devon could say another word, there was a bullet through his chest. Shattering glass was the next thing Chris heard, as his jaw dropped. He saw Anthony Streets standing in the doorway with his gun drawn. "Don't move, Chris.

I will shoot you if you move, I swear to God." Without thinking, Chris dove behind a desk as bullets started flying at him. He crawled out of the office door and scrambled up the cat walk. Anthony chased after Chris, trying to keep up. Chris knew the cat walks much better than anyone else, so he gained a large lead ahead of Anthony. Without thinking, Anthony shot random bullets at Chris, trying to get him to stop. Chris, still running on the cat walk, turned around to see where the shots were coming from.

As he turned back around, he felt the hard metal smash against his thighs. Before he knew what was going on, his body swung over the railing and Chris was hanging on for his life. The cat walk started to make noise and Anthony stepped back. Within moments, the chain from the ceiling started pulling out. Chris knew the cat walk wasn't going to hold his 215 pounds and started yelling to Mr. Streets for help.

As Anthony ran back to the stairs, the cat walk started crumbling to the ground. Anthony fell to the ground from the stairs and heard all of the metal crash onto the concrete floor. He phoned the police and asked them to come out right away. As the dust cleared, he saw Chris Moore laying underneath the remaining rubble. Anthony called out Chris' name, but there was no answer..