The Arab world is now dominated by one strong and fierce religion. But, during the dynasties of such nobles as the Achaemenid's, a truly noble and proud religion appeared; Zoroastrianism. The word of this religion was brought to the world by the Persian prophet Zoroaster. The origins of the religion and the beliefs of Zoroastrianism were and still are the cornerstone of the religion. During time, the religion depleted in size because of Mohammed, who introduced and brought the faith of Islam into the world. Also, Zoroastrianism played a major part in everyday life.

Because of its beliefs, Zoroastrianism could once again arise as a dominate religion. This is not just because of its beliefs, but also that its roots as a religion are strong and present in many families today. The religion of Zoroastrianism is based mainly on two aspects of life. The people who tell the truth are on the side of Asha, and are know as the people of righteousness. The others, who are know as the people of the lie, or the Drug, followed the dreary way of evil. Zoroastrianism is a polytheistic religion which shows people ways of life but lets the person make a choice of truth or lie.

But, it is also believed in Zoroastrianism that a judgment day will occur when good will defeat evil. In this great battle, Ahura Mazda, the Lord wisdom would fight Angra Mainya, the Fiendish spirit for control over the world. During this war between good and evil, Ahura Mazda and his assistants would defeat the evil Angra Mainya. Furthermore, all evil would be eliminated on earth in an ordeal in which fire and molten metal would burn away all evil and only leave behind good. It is believed that Zoroastrianism first appeared as a religion during the reign of Darius I in Persia. Zoroaster, as he was know by the Greeks proposed this religion to Darius I and it was accepted.

It was believed that Zoroaster had saw an invision from the Lord Wisdom Ahura Mazda. Zoroastrianism continued to grow under Grecian rule with the likes of the Seleucids ruling Persia. Also, under the Parthian Arsacid's, Zoroaster was a dominate religion. From 226-641 AD, Persia was finally back under Persian rule with the Sassanids. During this time, Zoroastrianism grew rapidly and was the most powerful religion in Persia. Eventually under the Sassanids, who were of Zoroastrian belief, made Zoroastrianism the official state religion.

This meant that everyone was now of this belief since that a emperor ordered it. Overtime, Zoroastrianism soon depleted in size mainly because of the ascension of another religion, Islam. During the 7 th century, Persia was slowly converted to the faith of Islam by the Arabs. Because of this, people of this religion were not safe in a dominate Islam society and most were faced with another dilemma, death.

The Islamic people converted the Zoroastrian people with force. However, Zoroastrian still lives on in eastern parts in India because the Islam crusaders never reached this far away place. Even though not much is know how Zoroastrianism played a role in the household of Persians, it is know that it did help their lives. Zoroastrianism brought the people of Persia a religion which based on two ideologies, old and new. Zoroastrianism had brought along many aspects from the past which included the Magi. This tribe of people, which produced the prophet Zoroaster, were though to have had a pre-Zoroastrian religion.

But, after the rise of this religion, they headed Zoroastrianism as priests and pretty much ran the temples of Zoroastrianism. They were though to have reputed power over demons and this gave rise to the word magic. The main new ideology of Zoroastrianism was that of good conquering evil. With this combination of old and new, a very well balanced, high moral religion was produced. Zoroastrianism has played a major role in the way our world works today.

For example, this religion shows the people of the world very strong and righteous morals such as telling the truth and telling lies. It was believed by them that truth overcomes lies, which today is still taught. It is also seen as the right thing to do. Nevertheless, this religion knew that this would not always be the case and showed us that everyone has the choice of truth or lie. No one is ever forced to lie, it is there choice. This is what was taught many centuries ago and it can been still seen like this today.

There is no reason why Zoroastrianism could not arise to be powerful again because the beliefs which were used so many years ago have not considerably faded or changed and are still seen in the same way. This is why Zoroastrianism is such a wonderful religion which should not be over looked, but cherished. Bibliography Zoroaster Microsoft Bookshelf 1994. CD-ROM Columbia University Press, 1995 Zoroaster Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia. CD-ROM Funk & Wagnals Corporation, 1994 Zoroastrianism Microsoft Encarta 96 Encyclopedia.

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