Of Nightingales That Weep Chapter 1 This chapter is about Takiko and her first family home. It tells a lot about her family. They talk about the war In this chapter also. Takiko's mother decides that she will remarry after her father dies. Takiko's finds out that her father is died.

Chapter 2 This chapter the book tells about Goro who is Takiko's stepfather. Takiko finds out that Goro is a injured man. She thinks it will be very hard to live with Goro because of his problem. Chapter 3 This chapter tells about Takiko living with Goro for a few months now.

It tells how the family has a party for the new year, and they hope that the family will work out. Chapter 4 This chapter is about the child that Takiko's mother has. She has the baby with Goro. This is when Takiko thinks about her future and she wants to leave the farm and go on into the city and start a new life there. Chapter 5 This chapter is about when Takiko starts her new free life in the capital. She finds a job with the Emperor and makes money to survive on.

The job is that she is a servant for the Emperor. She also plays as a musician playing her Kyoto. Chapter 6 In this chapter Takiko plays the Kyoto in from of a large audience that gathered just to here her play on it. This is a trial or a test to see if she belongs at the capital. Chapter 7 In this chapter a war becomes abrupt into the capital, and it forces everyone to leave. Takiko's mother hears about it and tells her husband that she is worried for Takiko.

Takiko finds shelter with the Emperor. Chapter 8 In this chapter it specifically tells you how she found her way to the hide out on the southern part of the island and how she found her way there. There are a lot of chapters like this one. Chapter 9 This chapter is about the young Emperor gets her sickness. Takiko plays on the Kyoto and its soothes the young Emperor which it helps her survive through it. Chapter 10 In this chapter it involves Hideo who has been not seen from Takiko for years.

He finally meets up with Takiko in the Monk House. This In mind is Takiko's dream man, and she falls in eagerly love with him. Chapter 11 This chapter Goro comes from the farm to find Takiko. At this time in the book Goro's farm was burnt down and there was nothing left so he abandoned it. He need Takiko's help but she refuses to come with Goro because she wants to marry Hideo. Chapter 12 This chapter is about when the battles are continued.

The Heike's win in this for another of Munomorie's victories. But during the end Takiko and the village people have to run away again. Chapter 13 In this chapter Goro's old maid comes to help them but she brings with her a deadly disease that gives death to C heiko and Ichor o. Then Goro's maid dies when the disease spreads through out her body. Chapter 14 In this chapter another battle irrupts. The Munomori try to lure the enemies into the tide.

If that happened the enemies would die when they crashed against the rocks. But the plan doesn't work out and they lose the battle. Chapter 15 In this chapter after the battle that the Munomori lose, Takiko heads home to the farm. On the way she needs to find some help. Her old friend helps her get back to the old farm and when they get to the farm only Goro is in site. Chapter 16 In this chapter Takiko waits for her perfect man to come (Hideo).

He never shows up for a long time. When Hideo finds Takiko he doesn't have an interest in Takiko anymore. Takiko finds out that she might marry Goro. Chapter 17 This is the final chapter in which Takiko makes a decision. This decision will change her life. Takiko finally ends up marrying her step father and they have a baby together..