The Moynihan Reporting reading the Moynihan report I must say that I do agree with most of what the report is saying for the most part. There are some things that I totally disagree with, but it would take forever to write about all of what I agree with. In this paper I will focus on the Anthropology social science use of it all and the social justice issue of gender with race intertwined. This report was very interesting to me because it seems to somewhat answer a lot of questions about the African American male. Is family structure really that important for an African American male to be a productive person in society? In reading this report one may lead more towards the answer of yes more so than no.

Anthropology: the scientific study of the origin, culture, and development of humans. I think that the use of this particular social science was used quite accurately because it explains to you time and time again that where a person comes from, what type of culture the know, and the development that the go through is all within the family. I believe that the father of a family is the most important role for an African American male to see because if the father is not around for the younger male to see then there is no major positive male influence for the younger male to see. The family for African Americans isn't as strong for us as it is for other races. Within the report it seemed to focus more on the African American male and the role of the male or father heavily. It seems to me as if the report is saying that, if a male grows up in a single family home, with no enriching culture, in a bad area.

Then it will be less likely that that person will have a tough time in finding a job, help take care of their family, or staying out of trouble. I know within my family my brother and I grew up with both parents in the home. In a nice neighborhood with our mom and dad coming from two different cultural backgrounds, but we knew and was taught both and I know that we a well-rounded people because of it. My brother has been married for almost ten years, two children and has been in business for himself since he was 21 years old.

I think that had a lot to do with him having my dad around for him to use whenever he wanted. In the report it talks about delinquency and crime among black males and white males. For black males the delinquency and crime rate was of course higher that whites and it gives the cause of that as the family structure of the black male family structure. With this report being written I believe a lot of its points are valid as far as the structure of the families, the origin in which the families come from and the culture in which they have make up for a lot of the problems that African Americans have.

The use of anthropology in this report showed how important it is for the human being family to survive in the world that is not just their own. Family structure is not just family alone it is the science of anthropology all in its's elf. Focusing on another aspect of The Moynihan Report the social justice issue of gender. Though the report focused on the female it could not seem to steer away from the male especially the comparison between the black male and the white male. With in the report the male seemed to be the main target for this aspect of family structure. The male was the one whom suffered the most.

The male suffered the most from poverty, not having a father in the household, not being able to get a job, more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs, and more likely to end up in jail.