The website that I am writing my paper on is web and it is called "What Triggers Headaches"? The website tells all the different things that can cause headaches, such as anxiety, stress, emotions, and a person's diet. The article also mentions that the four leading factors that lead to headaches, from a questionnaire, are anxiety, glare, noise and anger. I believe that most of the things the site mentions do cause headaches. Caffeine, I believe, causes me the most headaches. I think that anxiety being first is correct because anxiety and stress does seem to cause more headaches, besides caffeine, than anything else. Having emotional stress seems to cause some of my headaches.

The article mentions that emotional stress doesn't cause headaches; however, it makes us more susceptible to them. The reason we are more susceptible to headaches is due to our mind influencing our body, which is called a psychosomatic condition. I can definitely go along with this because our mind is very powerful. As a wise person once said, "Mind over matter." The article goes on to mention that sinuses, contrary to popular belief, are not usually the culprits in causing the headache. I always have blamed sinus troubles, or caffeine consumption, for the headaches that I have.

The article mentions that many people think that it is the sinuses that are causing the headaches because migraine and cluster headaches can cause the same symptoms that people with sinus infections experience. This is surprising news to me, since all my life, I have been told that sinus infections cause headaches. There are many causes for headaches and some people have them more than others. My mother has had very few headaches in her life; however, I have had many of them. We just need to find out what causes or makes our headaches worse and avoid those things.

Everyone is different and they have to experiment and discover what works for them to keep their headaches to a minimum. Bibliography Health Square, web 2004.