The Beginning Life of Walt Disney Walt was born in Chicago and with his family moved to Missouri in 1960 on to a farm. He started drawing animals on the farm here. When he was 18 he had his first cartooning job. Walt started cartooning by drawing non-moving cartoons for companies at the Pesman-Rubin Commercial Art Studio. There, Walt met Ub be (later to be shortened to Ub) Iwerks. Ub taught Walt how to make drawings look more professional.

They had only been hired to Pesman-Rubin because of the Christmas rush, so soon afterward; they were both let go. Then, Walt suggested one day that they, Walt and Ub, should make their own Art studio. Ub agreed because he needed money to help his family. They named their firm Iwerks-Disney. Their first office belonged to their first client who traded rent for artwork.

Their Business did very well. They did so well; they could afford a bigger office. Walt saw an ad for a cartoonist for the Kansas City film Ad Company in the newspaper in the spring of 1920. This company produced short cartoons for local businesses.

Both liked cartooning, and became interested in the filmed cartoons appearing in theaters. So the Kansas City Film Ad Company opening seemed like the perfect chance to learn about cartooning for them. Walt would go apply for the job and attempt to convince the company that they need two cartoonists for the job, in hope that Ub would get a job as well. Unfortunately the job was only offered to Walt alone.

The job offered 40 dollars a week, which was more money a week then Walt and Ub had dreamed of. Ub told Walt to take the job and he would continue on with Iwerks- Disney alone. After working a while with working at the Kansas City Ad Company, Walt and his employers found him falling behind, Walt found he needed help so he asked Ub Iwerks. This time Walt's persuading worked and Ub was hired. The Iwerks-Disney business was no longer needed. During all this time, Walt was living with his brother, Roy, and Roy's fiancee.

However, doctors found Roy's health worsening and was assigned to a veterans hospital in New Mexico because he was a veteran of World War 1. Roy left them with $100 and a years rent paid in advance for the house. Soon, the house sold, and Walt shifted his belongings to the rooming house. He rented a small shop for his studio.

Walt now wanted to produce cartoons like ones in the movie houses. But to produce a large amount of drawings, Walt would need more artists. In the newspaper Walt advertised that he could teach people to become artists. He advertised in a newspaper and hired 5 men and 1 woman. The first film produced was Little Red Riding Hood..