Mario Puzo, the author of many famous mafia books, such as the Godfather, writes the best-selling novel called, "The Last Don."The Last Don" is about a mafia don, Domenico Clericuizio, who was making arrangements, on the day his grandson and nephew were being christened, for his family to get out of the business and go straight. Don Clericuzio is the head of the most powerful crime family in America. He is a greatly feared man who has built a billion dollar empire, and believes that every debt must be paid and that family comes before anything. The book, which has a very interesting plot, is a hard book to read.

I liked this book for many reasons, but I also disliked it. Mario Puzo, trying to make the book as realistic as possible, had the speech in the book sound like a bunch of nonsense. The characters in the book, sounded very uneducated and it took some effort to think about what they meant and were trying to say. I guess it would be easier to watch the story on the television, but reading it is very confusing.

I rarely ever read for pleasure, and I guess I picked the wrong book to try it out with. This book had me very frustrated with the language, and it took me a couple of times to get what was going on in the story. One of the interesting things about the book, as well as most of the mafia-based stories is the way Puzo can take characters that are big in crime and violence and turn them into likeable characters. In this novel, the majority of the characters are likeable.

Cross De Lena, the don's great nephew, had feelings for Athena, the most beautiful and talented woman in Hollywood. His feelings grew so strong that Cross decides to make movies. This was one of the most surprising part of the novel because Cross's desire to make movies causes him to take action without his family's approval, which in return is a major problem that shocked the family. This book is different then other books I have read because, usually I don't get to pick out a book to read, it is usually assigned to me, so when I started to read a book that interests me, I thought I would be intrigued.

I enjoyed reading this book at times, but I felt it was a hard book to get in to. The benefits of reading this book was that it was a challenging book to read. I feel if you take the time to read out a book, even though it is hard to understand and takes time to read, it will help you become a better reader. It is sort of like practice. Before taking the time to reading this book, I was never one for pleasure reading. Even though I did have some hard times with this book, I saw my self getting into what the author was writing, and I saw myself anticipating and getting interested into what's going to happen next.

I think I might continue with reading for pleasure and not reading because I have to. I know there are many outstanding books out there that I would enjoy reading. The good things about reading for pleasure and not for academic reasons are, usually when you are assigned a book or are reading a book for academic reasons, it usually doesn't carry a great big deal of interest. But when you pick out a book you like and read it for pleasure, it can be a lot of fun. It doesn't take many requirements to so some outside reading. All you need is a strive for reading, and have some sort of time to sit there and read..