Welcome to the 2002 winter Olympics men's bobsledding finals. We have gone though many icy events today but one of my personal favorites, bobsledding, is now ready to rumble. We will be going though three different rounds. All four competitors will race against the clock. The three teams with the lowest combined time will move on while the last remaining team will be eliminated. They will move on to two more final race which their scores will be combined to receive the metals.

On track one is the Jamaican team coached by Lamar Da bua and is sponsored by the Coconut Canyon. On track two is the two time finalist the U. S. A team looking for that third chance for the gold and is coached by Bob Morin. On track three is a beginning team for Brazil that is coached by Travail Lapidaz which commented that the team feels they are lucky to have gotten this far and are still going to make this sport fun with a competitive attitude. And on the final track are Norway's finest bobsledders that are coached by Brill in Concoordz.

These teams will be racing down an icy track at speeds well over 90 mph. All teams have a regulated sled for fair speeds. As we get ready to start we ask all contestants to have a good attitude and good luck to you all. The flag is now rising. And they are off. Down the tasks they go.

Now zooming as fast as speeds of lightning. So far it is close. They still have mileage to go. Here they go rounding the biggest and the sharpest corner of them all.

From here it looks like the U. S. A team is ahead but very close behind is the Jamaican team. The Norway team looks like they are getting off balance. Yes, they are.

It looks like they are going to tip. They are! We are having paramedics down there right away. Now the three teams that are competing are getting more and more spread apart. With the U. S. A team still in the lead there is no question that things could go wrong and turn this race around.

Speaking of that, it looks like the all teammates of Norway has successfully gotten out with no broken bones but I'm sure they will be a few cuts and browses. All teams that are still racing will move on and yes, Norway team is eliminated. As the teams round the last corner they are looking pretty confident. Wait, as I am looking down it is looking like Jamaica is having some trouble with the final stretch. This last stretch is where most teams try to get most power and it is looking like there is a tad bit of trouble down there. Now Brazil is looking like they are confident enough to pass Jamaica.

As the two time finalist team, U. S. A, is racing across the finish line it looks like Jamaica and Brazil are neck and neck. They have crossed the finish line. It was so close I am not sure who was there first. I just got in that yes the Brazilian team has finished before Jamaica.

The team that was behind, the underdog, has passed the to claim they were in second place in that heat.