The Great Gatsby. Scott Fitzgerald published The Great Gatsby in 1925. The novel is in general about middle and upper class American citizens. The novel tells about their lives after World War I had ended.

The setting is Long Island, New York. In chapter one, the book introduces Tom Buchanan and his wife, Daisy. Nick, the narrator, and Tom knew each other. Nick and Tom had gone to Yale together.

Nick and Daisy are distant cousins. Tom is an adulterer. During dinner, Tom receives a phone call from his mistress. Dr. J. T.

Eckleburg is on a billboard overlooking the Valley of Ashes. Tom's mistress is a woman named Myrtle. Myrtle is exactly the opposite of Daisy. The only reason Myrtle is with Tom is to move up into a more sophisticated class.

Myrtle's sister tells Nick that the only reason Tom and Myrtle will not marry is because Daisy is catholic. The real reasons; however, is because Myrtle is not the "arm ornament" that Daisy is. Myrtle says Daisy's name and Tom hits her. Myrtle's nose starts bleeding.

A man named Jay Gatsby lives beside Nick. Nick does not know anything about his neighbor. Gatsby is always having parties. Finally, Gatsby invites Nick to a party.

Nick thinks that Gatsby's parties are wild and not very organized. Nick and Jordan Baker become attached at this party. Nick and Jordan hear that the host may have killed someone. They have never met Gatsby, so they do not really know what kind of person he is. Nick and Jordan hear that Gatsby was a German spy during the war.

They also hear that Gatsby was in the American army during the war. Nick and Jordan begin wondering around. They go into Gatsby's library. In the library, they meet "Owl Eyes."Owl Eyes" is a very strange person with glasses. He is always drunk. "Owl Eyes" can not believe Gatsby's books are real.

When Nick finally meets Gatsby, he finds out the rumors were not true. Nick learns that him and Gatsby were in the same division during the war. They were also stationed near each other. Gatsby was not at all the person Nick thought.

The date is now July 5, 1922. Gatsby and Nick begin to get closer. Gatsby tells Nick a little about his past. Gatsby tells Nick that his world travels were a way to forget a sad event. Gatsby was educated at Oxford. His entire family is dead.

Gatsby's story about himself leaves Nick skeptical. After Gatsby showed Nick a medal that he won from Montenegro, his skepticism turns to fascination and amazement. At a restaurant, Nick is introduced to a man named Meyer Wolfsheim. Meyer seems to be rather shady fellow. The buttons on Meyer's shirt are human molars.

Meyer's friend rigged the World Series in 1918. His friend was later shot, gangster style. Gatsby wants Nick to have Daisy over for tea. Daisy lives across from Gatsby, but she does not know that. If Daisy comes over to Nick's house, Gatsby could just show up.

This would be a way for Daisy to meet Gatsby. Gatsby had so many parties hoping that Daisy might show up at one. Gatsby had to try something different. Come to find out, Daisy and Gatsby was at one time romantically involved with one another. Gatsby was not rich enough for Daisy. Gatsby decided to wait until he had more money before entering back into Daisy's life.

Now Gatsby was very wealthy. At the tea, Gatsby invites Nick and Daisy over to his house. This was a way for Daisy to see just how wealthy Gatsby had really become. Daisy implies that she only married Tom because of his stature. Daisy did not necessarily love Tom. Now she sees that if she had married Gatsby, she could have both money and love.

Everybody leaves from Gatsby's house. Much is revealed about Gatsby. Gatsby's given name was James Gatz, until he was 17. James Gatz had his name legally changed to Jay Gatsby.

Gatsby was born to middle-class farmers in North Dakota. Gatsby was educated at St. Olaf where he worked as a janitor for money. Gatsby left college and became a fisherman. Gatsby met a man named Dan Cody.

Dan was a wealthy man who became Gatsby's friend. Cody gave Gatsby a proper education. Cody drunk a lot more than Gatsby liked. Ella Kaye, a journalist who may have killed Cody, aquired all Cody's wealth through some legal maneuver. Gatsby says that he was unfamiliar with the maneuver. Nick goes over to Gatsby's house where he meets a very rude doorman.

Nick finds out that Gatsby has fired all his servants. Gatsby fired them so that they would not talk about Daisy's frequent visits. Nick and Gatsby go over to Daisy's house. Pammy, Daisy and Tom's daughter, is there. Daisy has an odd way about dealing with Pammy. Daisy is almost too caring for her.

Gatsby and Daisy look at each other for a very long time. This was there way saying I love you. Tom sees this and is very upset. Jordan, Daisy, Nick, Tom, and Gast by all go to New York together. Tom suggests that Gatsby, Nick, and Jordan takes his car, while Tom and Daisy ride in Gatsby's. Gatsby reluctantly accepts.

Daisy changes the plans by riding along with Gatsby. Nick and Jordan ride in Gatsby's car with Tom. All the people in Tom's car have to stop at George's gas station because they have to put gas in Gatsby's car. George says he is sick because of the fact he knows his wife has been having an affair.

As they pull out, Myrtle is staring down at Jordan, mistakenly thinking that she is Daisy. Everyone meets back together at the Plaza Hotel. Tom asks Gatsby what kind of row is he trying to play on his household? Now that it was out in the open, Gatsby and Daisy come clean. Gatsby and Daisy tell Tom that they love each other, and the only reason why she did not marry Gatsby was because of his money status.

Gatsby tries to get Daisy to tell Tom that she has never loved him, but Daisy can not say it. Daisy tells Tom that she is leaving him. Tom reveals to Daisy that Gatsby earned all his money through bootlegging, and that they drug stores was just a front. This changes Daisy's opinions on Gatsby. Daisy seems to be fearful towards Gatsby. She loses a lot of her resolve to leave Tom.

On the way back home, Gatsby and Daisy ride in Gatsby's car. Tom, Nick, and Jordan ride in Tom's car. As Tom and his company pull up to George's gas station, they see that there has been an accident. After close investigation, they find that a car hit Myrtle, driving too fast. After the car hit Myrtle, it kept on going. George is on the verge of a breakdown due to the accident.

A man saw the car that had hit Myrtle. It had been a yellow car like Gatsby's. Gatsby's car had hit Myrtle without ever stopping. Tom called for a taxi to come get Nick. While Nick was outside waiting on the taxi, Gatsby appears from behind a bush.

Gatsby asks Nick who was hit and if they had been killed. Nick told Gatsby her name was Wilson, and she had been killed instantly. Gatsby said that Daisy was very upset. Nick could not believe he was more worried if Daisy was upset. Then, Gatsby told Nick he tried to lean over and jerk the wheel. Nick realized it had been Daisy driving instead of Gatsby.

Daisy had panicked and kept on driving. Gatsby said that he would say he was the one driving. Nick's taxi starts to come up the drive. Gatsby tells Nick that he is staying until Daisy goes to bed. Gatsby is afraid Tom might turn on Daisy. Nick peaks in the window to where Tom and Daisy are.

They are both sitting around a table eating supper and talking calmly. Nick tells Gatsby to go on home. Gatsby refuses to leave until Daisy's light is turned off. Michaelis keeps George company after his terrible accident.

George is still very upset. George tells Michaelis that he has his ways of finding out who the yellow car belonged to. George knew that Tom knew who was the car owner. Michaelis left George so he could sleep for a little while. Four hours later, Michaelis returns back to George's house.

George was not there. Michaelis knew that George was out trying to find whom the car belonged to. George asks someone in West Egg how to get to Gatsby's house. George had found out whom the car belonged to.

Gatsby is floating on an air mattress in his pool. The chauffeur hears gun shots. The gardener saw Wilson a little way off the grass. George had shot Gatsby. George went to trial for his actions. Michaelis testified of George's suspicions of his wife's cheating on him.

Myrtle's sister testified that Myrtle was very happy with her husband. So Wilson was reduced to a man 'deranged by grief' in order that the case would remain in its simplest form. A man named Mr. Gatz arrived for Gatsby's funeral. Mr. Gatz was Gatsby's father.

Nick was never really sure if Gatsby had any family or not. Mr. Gatz was very proud of his son. He knew if he had lived he would have went far. Nick had to move off because Gatsby's house had too many memories.

Nick remembers all the parties thrown by Gatsby, hoping that Daisy would show up. Nick could not live by Gatsby's house anymore. Gatsby was gone, but he would never be forgotten.