Art can be describe and shown in many ways. When I look at art, I looked to see different types of painting, sculpture, or anything that is made out of any object that is creative. Princess Diana exhibit was a different type of art that I would never considers as being art. At the Museum of Art in Fort Lauderdale, "Diana A Celebration" displayed many collections of Princess Diana Family memorable items for the world to see. My first impression I had in my mind before visiting Diana A Celebration was to see beautiful painting or sculptures, but instead I walk into a room that portrayed as a biography of Princess Diana life.

Visiting the Downtown Miami Museum kept a vision in my mind of traditional type of art. My mind has been closed minded as to what art is and what type of art is really considered art. "What art really is?" can be a question that is probably asked and can never be answered because of the different opinions about art. Generally, comparing to the Museum of Art in Downtown Miami and the Diana A Celebration exhibit, you can defiantly see the different type of Art and how it is presented. Downtown Miami Museum of Art was more of a traditionally type of Art that many people will recognize first.

The museum displayed many types of paintings that were drawn by famous artist. There was a beautiful arrangement out of mirrors that when you stood in front of the piece it presented many reflections of yourself. The collections of painting at the Downtown Miami museum made you step out of the box and think so you would try to figure out what the artist is trying to reveal in their paintings. Art to me should be like a brain buster trying to solve an unsolved mystery, a beautiful sketch, or a creative piece that have never been done before. However, at the Princess Diana exhibit, I learned more about her life, contributions, and death. Princess Diana exhibit was a beautiful exhibit that displayed the time she was born, married, and sadly died.

Princess Diana of Wales was born Lady Diana Frances Spencer on 1 July 1961 in Norfolk. Princes Diana was the youngest of four children and she had two sisters, Sarah and Jane, and a younger brother Charles. Princess Diana lived with her father and in 1975 the family moved to the Spencer family house in Northampton shire in English Midlands. Learning about the Spencer family, the beginning of the exhibit displayed the Spencer family crown royalties and jewelries. The Spencer tiara was one of the jewelry that was displayed. The tiara was in the Spencer family for many years since 1830 and Princes Diana worn the tiara on her welding day.

There were many beautiful crowns and jewelry such as, brooches, rings, necklace, and much more. All of the Spencer family jewels were shinny, beautiful, and were blinding as the sun would shine in your eyes. Secondly, many of Princes Diana childhood items were on displayed. The items were arranged to coincide with a projected screen that filmed Princes Diana early child hood. A stuff frog that Princess Diana slept with in bed and a red toy car that was from the Spencer nursery were children toys that portrayed the innocents and child like side of Diana.

Although Princess Diana had many responsibilities being a Princess, she was once a child that was full of amusement and boo-boo. For example, a letter that was written by Princess Diana to her mom had a misspelled word. Princes Diana wrote mummy instead of mommy. There were many more items such as baby portraits, children passport, and even Princes Diana Ballerina shoes to show how much she loved to dance and her talent. However, Princess Diana has grown into a beautiful woman that felled in loved with Prince Charles of Wales.

Princess Diana Lady Diana Spencer married The Prince of Wales at St Paul's Cathedral in London on 29 July 1981. Princess Diana was secretly engaged with Prince Charles since she was 19 years old, the engagement was known to the public later after, and then she was married at 20 years of age. Portraits of Princess Diana and Prince Charles were shown to reveal the love and happiness among the two. One Picture that was taken by the lake with Princes Charles wearing Scottish attire, illustrated how the men once dress and the lake illustrated tranquility and harmony between the couple. Princess Diana wedding was like a fairytale and any girl dreams come true. Princess Diana gown was of silk taffeta that forms the body of the gown and attached was a lace-trimmed train 25 feet long.

Other items in the royal wedding display include Princess Diana's low-heeled silk wedding shoes, covered in hundreds of sequins and pearls, and a beautiful laced parasol that she was not able to wear because of the weather. The sad thing I found about her wedding dress was that her dress was ivory instead of white. Having to be such a young girl, married at a young age, I thought that a woman should be married in white to symbolize purity. This was a distraction to me and I wonder if this was of the British culture to be married in ivory, especially not having any previous marriage and children. Nevertheless, Princes Diana was happily married and then gave birth to two beautiful sons, Prince William and Prince Henry soon after their marriage.

However, like any other marriage, Princes Diana was divorced from The Prince Charles of Wales. On December 1992 it was officially announced the Prince and Princess would separate. The Prince and Princess were divorced on August 28, 1996, but she still continued to be regarded as a member of the Royal Family. Princess Diana was known to be a supermodel for her style of fashion. Although, she clearly stated that she did not want to be remember for her fashion and more for her work that she have done, the exhibit displayed a large section of dress and suits that she have worn to symbolize her glamorous style of fashion. I guess for the beautification of the exhibit, it was more important to show more of her dress than what really matter to Princess Diana.

Until the end of her life she was involved with charities working to help children, homeless people and AIDS sufferers, as well as with the campaign to ban land mines. However, her contribution was displayed in a small section compared to the fashion show that was less important to Princess Diana. Princess Diana is an extremely prominent historical figure who will be remembered for her humanitarian contributions during her short lifetime. Princess Diana was an instrument, who showed the world how to have tolerance and compassion for those who suffered from disease and less fortunate. Princes Diana lived an enchanted life and a cautionary tale, a princess of irreducible splendor yet one who bore testimony to the commonality of loneliness and heartbreak. As Princess Diana died August 8, 1997, the hopes of a world have also vanished that had turned her life into part of its own projected biography, a fragile hope for a happy-ever-after even in the face of adversity.

Many of Princess Diana struggles blended into the hobbling steps of the 20 th century as it limped toward some vague promise of millennium. More than one million people lined the streets of London to say goodbye to Princess Diana at her funeral. Furthermore, 2. 5 billion people worldwide watched the Princess Diana funeral on television.

The Princess Diana funeral was held at Westminster Abbey and was attended by well known dignitaries, celebrities, royalty, the rich and the poor. The service was broadcast over a public address system linked throughout the city. Tens of thousands of people gathered in Hyde Park to watch the service on huge television screens. The exhibit for the death of Princess Diana was arranged in such a way that the room was filled with sympathy and compassion to show the respect of Princess Diana's death. A large section of rose pedal was scattered on the floor against another projection that filmed Princess Diana funeral. The rose pedal was kept fresh and the smell of the roses gave the full affect of what was being presented.

Princess Diana was full of love and compassionate for everyone in the world. Princess Diana was a respectful woman and the impact of her untimely death was felt throughout the world, and she will not soon be forgotten.