Chris Martinez Wellness 3/23/00 Topic Response Last Tuesday we had the pleasure of hearing a guest speaker. Well we actually had a couple guest speakers to be honest with you. Our first speaker was named Paula Underwood. I hope I spelled her name right.

Well basically she was telling us that when she was young she often got mentored by her father. Ms. Underwood would then go on to tell us how her father seem to be a very philosophical man. She also explained to us how everything occurs in cycles. This has a lot to do with the circle of life.

The north part of the circle. The east part of the circle. The south part of the circle. And the west part of the circle. She explained to us how each direction meant a different approach to life. She also explained to us that there are 6 explanations to everything that occurs in your life.

She told us this story about a women who was extremely upset with her husband. So she merely sat down, and began to think of the many different explanations as to why her husband would say what he said. At first she could not think of any and was getting very frustrated. Once she had come to the first three the rest just flowed out of her pen and she forgot why she was mad at him in the first place.

We then had the extreme pleasure of getting to her a story teller tell us a story of the hyena. He also gave us the male response. The story of the hyena is one that consists of trusts and true friendship.