My thoughts on abortion Abortion is one of the toughest controversial issues. On the side of feminist and pro-abortionists, abortion is women's right to choose and best healing for raped woman. For the religious group and pro-lifers, abortion is a kind of murder because unborn babies and even fetus are life. Also the term of abortion is conflicted between pro-life and pro-choice.

These days, pro-abortionist insist on partial birth abortion and late-term abortion while pro-life activists against all abortion. As for me, I strongly disagree with abortion. The catholic church is a conservative pro-lifer. The reason why I disagree with abortion is not because I'm catholic but because I love life.

One day, I saw the documentary about the abortion. It showed the process of abortion surgery. The surgical scissors tore and jerk the baby's body. The unborn babies had a human shape and when the scissors touched baby, it writhed in agony. After I saw that program, my anti-abortion became stronger.

If everyone could see this program, even pro-abortionists would change their mind, I think. Many pro-abortionists often use rape as a prime reason of a justification for abortion. Abortion helps to ease the trauma of a woman who has been raped, and that women have been raped want abortions. In some way, abortion can help un voluntary pregnancy. I agree with abortion permission for raped women but just abortion can't be a best solution for those women. When I looked up some pro-life organization's study, I found some interesting and unexpected statistics.

Before reading those studies, I believed all raped women wanted to abort babies. But according to study, about 80% of raped women chose to continue their pregnancies, and only 15% chose abortion. When questioned, most of these women said that they saw abortion as another act of violence. One woman said that she "would suffer more mental anguish from taking the life of the unborn child than carrying the baby to term." Surprisingly most said that the major influence leading her to abortion was pressure from others: parents, boyfriend, etc. Therefore, I think instead of abortion we should have proper alternatives. Besides for raped women, we can also think about single mother, son favoritism and other reason about the abortion.

First, we have to throw away our prejudice for raped woman. If the raped women really want to abort, I think they should have the right. But that decision should be made by themselves not by others. Second, parents should think both son and daughter precious. Especially, Korean prefer son to daughter because they think only son can maintain their family..