Insanity of an Artist Vincent William Van Gogh, currently a world known artist, lead a depressing life and only sold 1 painting during his lifetime. He was born on March 30, 1853 in Groot Zundert, Netherlands. The Van Gogh's family consist of Theodor us Van Gogh (The father), Anna Cornelia Carbentus (The mother), Theo Van Gogh (The younger brother), Elizabeth Van Gogh (The sister), and finally Vincent Van Gogh (The older brother). Van Gogh's birth came one year to the day after his mother gave birth to a first, stillborn child also named Vincent.

From the time when Vincent was ten, until he was twelve, he attended King Willem II Secondary school in Tilburg until he later quit his studies and he was fifth teen. When a Sixteen-year-old Vincent Van Gogh joined the firm Gou pil & Cie, a firm of art Dealers in The Hague. Vincent was relatively successful as an art dealer, he stayed with them for seven more years. He transferred to the London branch of the company when he was 20, and he would stay for two year and then transfer to Paris for a year and then came back to London. At 23, Vincent van Gogh had a truly religious transformation.

Although raised in a religious family, it wasn't until this time that he seriously began to consider devoting his life to the Church. Within prayer meetings Van Gogh would speak at the parish of Turn ham Green. As a Minister Vincent was enthusiastic about his prospects, but lacked a gripping and passionate delivery, also his sermons were somewhat lackluster and lifeless. Vincent decided being a minister wasn't for him and so he chose his final career which was an artist. The artist starts by applying for study at the Ecole Des Beaux-Art in Burssels. Van Gogh was rejected from the Ecole Des beaux-art school.

So, after a while, Vincent began to study by himself with art books for samples. Then, a 28 years old, Van Gogh moved back in with his parents while studying. During Van Gogh's stay with his Parents in Netherlands, he met his cousin Cornelia Adriana Vos-S tricker (her nickname was 'Kee'), he fell in love with Kee and he was devastated when she rejected his advances. After a family and conflict with Kee's parent Van Gogh was humiliated when it was over. Vincent Van Gogh met Clas ina Maria Hornik (her Nickname was 'Sien') when he was 29, in The Hague and Vincent became very devoted to Sien and her child.

Sien and Vincent lived together for a year and a half. Theo Van Gogh was convinced by Vincent that Paris was the place that Vincent needed to live in and soon they were living together in Paris in Theo's Apartment. While Vincent was in Paris, Japan had recently opened its posts and many artists were influence by it cultures difference. Van Gogh began to acquire a substantial collection of Japanese woodblock prints, and then later Van Gogh made only 3 heavy Japanese paintings. During Vincent's stay in Paris, he had very unhealthy extremes like poor nutrition, and had an excessive of smoking and drinking, also Van Gogh didn't enjoy living in big city and enjoyed better weather than what Paris had to give so he decided to move to Arles. A 35 year old Vincent Van Gogh began living with an artist named Paul Gauguin.

At first, Vincent and Paul were good friends. They would discuss their art and ja d different techniques. Soon. Gua guin and Van Gogh would get into heat arguments that became and got more frequent. On December 23, Van Gogh in an irrational fit madness, mutilated the lower portion of his left ear. He severed the lobe with a razor and wrapped it in cloth.

Later, he gave it to a prostitute. After that Vincent passed out after a blood loss and sent to a Hospital and would be released and then re confined in a asylum. Vincent Van Gogh was placed in care of Dr. th' Zach arie Auguste Peyron and he was convinced that Vincent had a type of epilepsy. Vincent's mental well being remained stable and he was allowed to resume painting and produce one of his most famous 'Starry Night'. There were many Mental Attacks happen to Vincent during his stay and he even once tried to ingest his own paints.

Although he recovered fairly quickly from the incident, Van Gogh was discouraged at being deprived of the one thing that gave him pleasure and distraction: his art. After another week, Dr. Peyron relented and agreed to allow Van Gogh to resume his painting. "Some of Van Gogh best paintings were while he was in the asylum" (Sir Lawrence Going).

Theo, Vincent 's brother thought it be for the best if Vincent would return to Paris and be in the care of by Dr. Paul Ga chet. On May 16, 1890 Vincent Van Gogh left the asylum and took a overnight train to Paris. On July 27, 1890, Vincent Van Gogh set out, with his easel and painting materials, into the fields. Vincent Van Gogh shot him self in the chest with a revolver.

Later Van Gogh would die two days later in his Loving Brothers arm. The Catholic church of Avers refused to allow Vincent's burial in its cemetery because Vincent had committed suicide. The nearby township of M'er, however, agreed to allow the burial and the funeral was held on July 30 th.