8 A. The article that I chose was Al Gore's MTV Appearance Hip-Hops form Music to Racial Profiling Concerns by Rick Pearson. The reason why Al Gore was on MTV was because he felt that this would help his campaign for the 2000 presidential election. Recent surveys have discovered that the age groups of the viewers watching MTV are between the ages of 18-24 and that they have a strong opinion on many issues being debated in this year's election. Al Gore touched on many issues including, the Abortion pill, Napster, Gays, and even Rap singer Emienm. The teens in the audience asked him many questions from how he feels about the marriage of the two gay men in Las Vegas, to his favorite songs and moves.

Gore said the he believes t he government should go after businesses that acknowledge they sell music with violent or sexual lyrics and continue to market it inappropriately to younger children. Hollywood has given the Democratic Party millions of dollars to tone down on the excess violence and sex on the big screen and of course the Democratic Party did. I think that many of the questions that the teens asked Al Gore didn't pertain with the problems that affect our economy, our health insurance, or even our welfare programs. Those types of questions are the questions that we should be asking the possible future president of the United States. In conclusion, though the article was both informative and entertaining but it gave little insight as to the Al Gore's agenda for the country.