The story revels how the institution of marriage in the 19 th century still reflects the 21 st century. Mrs. Mallard was not happy at all in ther marriage, but she stayed because back then divorce was unheard of. Mrs. Mallard was saddened by her husband's death, but on the other hand she was happy because now she could be free and do all of the things that sh wanted to do. The 19 th century concept of marriage has not changed so much, in the 21 st century because there are women wh still feel that they have to be submissive to their husband's every need like Mrs.

Mallard was. There are not happy. For example, my sister stays home while her husband works and she tends to their three children. She would say to me that she envied me because I am able to work and enjoy the things that I like. I explained to her that she doesn't have to stay home, but the she tells me that ther husband does not want her to work or have any out sided activities.

I don't understand why she tolerates this from her husband. I often ask why she stays married to him, and her replies is because she loves him and she can not do anything without him. In conclusion, this is a prime exam epl what kate chaplin wrote about. My sister is allowing for her husband to do what Mrs. Mallard's husband did to her. thought out this women roles have changed dramatically, women have been enslaved and put down and their rights taken away from them, but through the course of the years these rights were given back because not wo me can vote, become firefighters, police officers and mayors and senators..