i think that marijuana should be legalized. I think this for several reasons. Let us first examine the pros and cons of this social dilemma. I am the man so there's no need to explain why marijuana should be legalized.

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i am the man. you are not the man. therefore im better than u son. ha. 250 words man...

what r u crazy it seems like ive been typ in forever small... make it end. please. ok lets try this again homo erectus. bow down to me because i am god and you should worship me you lowly peasant. thank you for ending this now.

In conclusion, MARIJUANA SHOULD BE LEGALIZED! ! ! ! ! ! i can just keep on typ in true statements because i am the man. lets see here. elton john is gay. i am the str 8 st guy alive. tom mccarthy is the gayest guy alive.

nick wi sell is the most 2 faced guy alive. what could be more true than that? maybe that me and my girl lisa have sex 20 times a day and she wants only my cock and nobody else's.