To: The Board of Directors, Under the current circumstance surrounding the management of 906 Simpson St. H. D. F. C, we the shareholders and rent tenants chose to evoke our rights under article 14 of the corporations bylaws, which states as follows. Shareholders and tenant whose rent is current have the right to demand an emergency meeting if the feel that the board of directors are not working in good faith.

We demand an immediate meeting of shareholders and tenants to vote for a new board of directors. This meeting is to take place no later than a week from the date this formal quest is made to the board of directors. We request that all sales and rent of apartment come to an immediate hold until a new board in named. This is a petition which we have the right to evoke and will do by any means necessary the current conditions in our building are Unbearable. The board of directors must be held accountable for the careless management of 906 Simpson Street, H.

D. F. C. the have betrayed the trust and abused the power which we the shareholders and tenant's have giving them, only to benefit their personal interested. We expect a response by Thursday, April 21, 2005. Bajo las present el del de 906 Simpson St.

H. D. F. C los y share holders demand amos un re uni " on de, para elegit una nueva junta direct iva. Demand amos que est a dich a re uni " on tome lunar en la del a mas tartar una se mana del d'ia que est a carta sea a la junta de direct ores.

Estos son nuestros der echos como share holders y del. Estamos a est a present situ aci " on hasta los 'ultimo's extremes si no se nuestros demand as. Es intolerable las present situ aci " on en coal se el. La junta de direct ores tien en que responder por el ba jo del.

Tan bien que todas las vent a y rent a de pare, hasta que una nueva junta de direct ores sea. Estos son nuestros demand as y que sean por la junta de direct ores. Espe ramos una a mas tartar el Jueves 21, de april del 2005.