NESCOM/WLBZ Given that the purpose of this paper is to persuade you to allow me to attend the trip to NESCOM as well as the WLBZ television station, I'm going to cut right to the chase and tell you why you should choose me over the many other students applying for this opportunity. Forgive me for being lengthy in my reasoning, but I didn't feel that a 200 word paper was nearly enough work to exchange for the opportunity at hand. As you know, I am a musician. For the last five years of my life I've played guitar, and recently I've joined the local band, Corrosion. Since joining Corrosion, my interest in the entertainment industry, especially the musical aspects of it, has brought forth new ideas and questions. Questions like, 'How much should professional recording cost?' and, 'How would someone break into the industry and where would you start?' .

These are the questions that drive me to be a better musician. Other questions like, 'What kind of college options are available out there for someone who wants to do some sort of audio recording and mixing?' , are what make me want to attend this trip. I beleive that going on this trip will help me answer some of the questions I have about the entertainment industry as well as the questions I have regarding jobs and college courses. I've heard from a few people, namely Travis Johnson and Robbie Foster, that NESCOM is an incredible experience. They recently visited NESCOM, and returned with nothing but positive comments. Knowing Travis like I do, from the way he spoke about it, I would have to assume that NESCOM would be an incredible place to visit.

Upon visiting their site I noted that the courses that grab my interest the most are the Audio Engineering and Digital Media courses. One look at their audio engineering equipment was enough to put me in awe, as the quality of their equipment and hardware is simply incredible. Equipment as unrestricted and up to date as they have at NESCOM is definitely a rare find, and the chance to be able to learn more about this equipment is an opportunity I would not want to miss. The Digital Media course also peaked my interest. As you know, I'm a computer buff, and the computers in the digital technology department are fully loaded with anything you could possibly need to create any form of digital media imaginable. Photoshop, Flash, and Dreamweaver are just a few of the programs that grace the glorious 250 gb hard rives of these incredible machines.

What more could someone like me desire? Although NESCOM is my main interest in this trip I would also like to visit WLBZ. I'd love to see the green screen in action, I've got a pretty good idea of how it works; using Adobe Premiere's 'ChromaKey' filter, or something of that sort, to make transparent the colors you don't want to see. I'm sure it will be a worth while experience none the less. In closing, I'd just like to reiterate that I would love to have the opportunity to attend this trip. It seems that it would strike on some of the key points of interest in my life and that it would answer some of the questions I haven't been able to find answers to anywhere else..