Tupac Shakur was a black African American rapper who lived his life with poverty, violence and drugs. The songs ""Hellrazor"", "Me and My Girlfriend" and the poem "In the Event of my Demise" reflect the tragedy and pain which was Tupac's life. All his poetry relies on vivid imagery and violent language to create a very realistic picture of how terrible life can be living in the ghettos of America. The song "Hellrazor" is a very dramatic song which tells the story of a young black African American male trying to make his way into becoming a "Gangsta" as he has no other way to support himself.

The theme of change is reflected in this song. The song doesn't really have a straight flowing structure. It rhymes in places but there is no pattern to it. For example: it rhymes in the 1 st two lines: - "Born heartless and mean mug gin"At 16 on the scene watching fiends bugging " But after that it doesn't rhyme for further 8 lines. That leaves a very dramatic effort because it reflects the tension and the violence of this song.

The song has some very harsh and effective similes. For example: -"When a nigga gett in' richer, they come to get ya""It is like a motherfucking' trap and they wonder why it's hard being black." This simile works very well because it uses some really strong emotions and the theme of racism to get the message through. Also the use of very strong language leaves a lasting image on the listener. The song uses plenty of Gangsta slang. Some examples include: - Gat, Loc, 5-0. This is a very memorable song because it is so emotional and tragic.

The most vivid lines come when he raps about how a little girl who was killed by a gun. Lines such as: "Dear Lord, if you hear me tell me why?"Little girl like Natasha had to die"She neva got go see the bullet, just heard the shot"Her little body couldn't take it, she shook and dropped " This part of the song is very dramatic because of his reference to god and by the way he said that she didn't even see the bullet coming. It is very hard to forget this song because of its strong language and powerful imagery of the girl being murdered. The song " Me and my Girlfriend" is a very complicated song. The message that Tupac is trying to get through is not what you see written down on the piece of paper. When you listen to the song you think that he is rapping about his girlfriend but he is actually referring his gun as being his girlfriend.

The theme of the song is his girlfriend (gun). That represents the voi let but happy idea of the song. The song uses personification to compare his gun as his girlfriend. Examples include: - o"Picked you up when you was 9. Started out my life of crime wit you." o "Talkin loud. When I tell you be quiet, you move a crowd." That has a very confusing effort on the listener.

The words in this song dramatic but it is mainly positive language. He is rapping about how happy he is to be with his girlfriend (gun) but also the violence of being with his gun. This song does include some slang. Eg: - Mad dog, G-ride, Buster.

This slang reflects the violence but happy language of this song. I will always remember this song because when I started to realise what he was talking about in this song I thought it was very interesting and different and original song. I also liked how I had to puzzle out the song. The poem " In the event of my Demise" is a very painful poem because it tells about his death, that he will be dead soon and how you should always be positive about life.

The theme of the poem is to be always positive. There is a rhyming pattern to this poem. It is A BCB. This creates a positive effort on the reader. There are 3 stanzas in the poem with about 8 symbols in each line. This poem doesn't use similes or personification.

The language is similar to "Hellrazor" because it so harsh and brutal lines. Such as: "I will Die Before my time " This poem was very interesting because Tupac actually talks about his death and a few months after he actually dies... Working with 2 pac's work was very interesting and memorable. His work makes you thinks and realise that there is always a bright day ahead and how you should always enjoy life.