Every year, America celebrates many holidays with fireworks. One of the most popular selections is a Roman Candle. If you want to try to make this at home, common pyrotechnics stores have all the supplies you would need. Just think of the "oohs" and "ahhhh's" when you light off your homemade fireworks at home. First of all, you need a sturdy, good tube. The tube should be cylindrical and should be at least 3/32 of an inch thick.

The opening at the top of your tube should have a 5/8 inch opening. Then take a 1/16 inch fuse, make sure it covers the whole tube and sticks out a little bit, just like any other firework and keep the tube in place by using tape. Next, 1. 25 grams of 3 F BP should be poured into the tube.

Then, gently put a one-half inch star down the tube. This is what will go up into the air and is responsible for the shots. Then, put some sawdust through the tube. Make sure the sawdust is evenly spread and turn the tube over. All contents should not fall out if this is done correctly. Make sure you use some sort of mechanism to push down upon the sawdust.

Keep repeating these instructions. The tube should consist of bp, star, sawdust, bp, star, and sawdust for as many shots as you want. Good Luck with your newly made Roman Candle and have a safe experience. Next, we will examine how to make a salute go up in the air.

Salutes are generally products that make a Kaboom sound when launched. The lifting cup is made when you glue kraft paper that overhangs the salute. Next, you add some lift usually gunpowder to propel it. The inner paper should be glued with a small device or a glue gun. Meanwhile, while the glue is wet fold the paper into quarters. Place a cut in the newly formed pouch and add a piece of quick match.

Now, we will learn how to make salute inserts. First off, buy some top- notch 3 inch tubes. Take all of your tubes and set them on a piece of tin foil. Secondly, you need to fill a tube to the top with hot glue and as the glue is about to dry put it into the freezer for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes is up pull the tin foil off of the tubes and put toilet paper down the open end of the tube. Most of the glue should fall off with the peeling off of the tinfoil.

The bottom will be plugged. Use a funnel to put flash into your firework. Flash is a good settler and you can add a lot of flash until it is about half full. Going further, add another piece of toilet paper until there is only a quarter of the tube empty. Fill the rest of the tube with hot glue and fuse the reports together. The firework is now ready to be launched.

The more reports the better! Source: web for measurements.