... Mum we " re there. Come on we " ll get to bed and you can have some real rest. Wait here while I book us a room." He left the car crossed the carpark until he reached reception. He smiled at the man behind the counter. "Hi there." He said.

"I'd like a room for the night, twin beds please, for my mother and I." The man behind the counter grunted. "We only got one room left, it's a single but I can give you sheets at an extra cost and you cam sleep on the sofa." Anthony thought about this for a moment. Weighing up his options he realised it might be some time before they discovered another place to stay. "OK we " ll take it." He reached for his wallet. "That " ll be lb 52 pounds please." Anthony was about to argue, but he hadn't the strength. "I take it you accept MasterCard?" he inquired." Yeah." The man mumbled and stretched out his hand.

Handing over the card Anthony looked across at his car, making sure his mum was fine. He signed his bill, took his card and waited for the room key. "Number thirteen's all we got left. " the man said and slapped the key on the counter. "Tea and coffee machine just outside, along with one for chocolate and crisps.

Have a good night." With that he turned around and went into the back office. "What an unpleasant man" thought Anthony as he walked back to the car. "Mum we " re in room thirteen, just over there, come on lets get our stuff and go."Ok dear." She replied, climbing out the to aid her son. Together they walked over to the room. "I can't believe they " ve put us in room thirteen.

I thought all hotels just went from twelve to fourteen," his mum said." I know what you mean. Thirteen, unlucky for some. But not for us mum. I don't really believe in superstition do you?" He asked." Well not really. It's only folk tales isn't it? Unlucky! It actually quite amusing, us in room thirteen. Come on lets just go."Ok mum.

You " re right. Look at us worrying over some daft number. I mean after all it is only just a number! " They laughed at their own foolishness." Anthony, would you like a cup of coffee before we go in... or perhaps a hot chocolate." They laughed. When Anthony was younger he would ask for a cup of hot chocolate every night before going to bed.

He said it helped him to sleep, when really he was just procrastinating. "I think that's a good idea, just for old times sake." He opened the door to the room and put their bags inside as mother bought two cups of coffee from the vending machine. He looked around; it wasn't bad he supposed. At least it was on suite.

Opening the bathroom door he inspected the facilities; a bath, with shower attachment and privacy curtain; a toilet and a sink. It was all pretty clean. "Here we are love, I brought us some biscuits too. The hot chocolate looks a bit watery, but I'm sure it " ll be fine." She placed the two cups on the bedside table. Anthony walked over, picked up a cup and took a sip.

"You " re right, watery but acceptable. Not as good as home made though."Well it's all that's here so just live with it." His mother snapped. Anthony was shocked. His mother had never snapped at him for no reason before, at least not since he was a boy. He looked down at his feet, feeling like a five-year-old who'd just been chastised. "Sorry mum.

I just meant that yours was better."I'm sorry too I don't know what came over me." His mother looked embarrassed, she had no idea why she'd done it. "It must just be because I'm tired." She admitted." Or maybe it's senile dementia creeping in." Anthony sneered. It was his mother's turn to look shocked. "Oh God, I'm so sorry mum. I don't know what came over me."I know what did. It's because you " re jealous of me.

You " ve always wanted to travel and you can't, not now, what with your job and Alison!" he mother retorted." Jealous. Ha! I was just glad you were out of the country for a whole year, all that time without you interfering in my life was great!" Anthony yelled. They were becoming more and more heated. "Without me interfering you go and move in with some no one. A common slut for all you know." His mother shouted." A common slut. How dare you say things about my fianc " ee.

She's better than that. You " re the one who's jealous now. Jealous of her and the time I'll spend with her, time away from you."Jealous. ME? Of a piece of pick-me-up-in-a-lift garbage. I think not. There's no way you would have done that if I'd been around."If you'd been around mother I would still be single.

No one is ever good enough for you. I don't know why you set your standards so high, just look at yourself. You married a plumber for God's sake. How low can you get? You were from the poverty line. So don't you dare criticise me when you are no better yourself."I raised you better than this. I may have been poor, but I worked hard to get where we are today and now you " re ruining everything.

Sometimes I think I could just kill you."Now you " re talking. With you out my life, it would finally be my life. I could run it how I wanted not how you want. Why don't you open that door and walk out onto the motorway and do us all a favour." Jane's hand snaked out and slapped him hard across the cheek.

Her ring caught his skin causing it to bleed. "Now look what you " ve done you silly bitch." He snarled and suddenly Jane was scared. More scared than she'd ever been in her life. What on earth was going on? Why was he so incensed? "I'm going to get some ice to put on this you stay right where you are, I'm not finished with you yet." He roared. Flinging open the door he marched out in to the night. Jane looked around the hotel room.

She needed to hide. She had to get away. She was going to run out the door, but he was marching back across to the room. No time. She shut the front door and furiously looked for somewhere to hide. Anthony looked down at the object he'd retrieved from the car and smiled.

The door to the motel room slammed shut, shaking the walls. 'Mother. Mother where are you? God damn it. You get out here right now. I've not finished with you yet mother!' Anthony screamed. He stormed through the hotel room.

'Come out come out where ever you are.' Anthony lifted the cover on the edge of the bed, and ducked down to look under it. 'Mother, I know you " re here somewhere. I'm going to find you!' In the bathroom Jane hid, cowering behind a shower curtain. With every one of her son's shouts she curled tighter and tighter into a ball. She pulled the shower curtain all the way around the tub, in a vain attempt to hide.

She had no idea why she chose the bathroom; she just ran straight in there. 'Mommy dearest. Oh mommy.' Anthony slowly opened the door to the bathroom. 'One, two, Anthony's coming for you.' He walked over to the bath and slowly pulled back the shower curtain.

'Hello mother. Why are you hiding? I've got something for you.' Jane whimpered with fear as the moonlight glinted off the blade in Anthony's hand. Epilogue The policeman looked at Frank, the owner of the Motel, "you know, Frank, that's the second killing we " ve had here in as many months. Both times some kid's gone whack o and killed him mum.

And both times they were in room thirteen."I know what you mean Dave. Why pick here? I just don't get what makes my place so special."Perhaps", Dave said his gaze wandering skywards, "it has something to do with the sign." They both looked up at the broken neon sign that now read "BATES MOTEL.".