A friend is somebody that will always be there for you. Even if its your imaginary friend... You always have a great bunch of friends but sometimes some people are more of a friend then others. These two girls stick out the most of them all just because of all they have done for me.

Now I am going to tell you my story on how I met two of my best friends For one of my best friends it happened the summer of 3 rd grade. Everyday when I looked outside I saw this girl across the street and I wondered who she was. Well I got really bored one day and I was bothering my mom and so she told me to go over and meet her so I walked over there and met here and she is the nicest girl on the block her name is Tori and Im very glad I met her. She will still be my best friend now even though we arent neighbors anymore.

For my other best friend I met her in Kindergarten. One day I went up to her and said hi and we are best friends now, her name is Asia. She always is smiling no matter what. I am glad that I went up to talk to her other wise I might not have such a good friend.

Best friends are something you don't just find right away sometimes it takes courage and time to find that special somebody that will be your buddy and your pal forever. A friend is somebody you love very much and can trust just like your brother or sister.