Today as Americans we have been forced to adapt to the big business ideas that have been bestowed upon us. It has forced us into that money is the heart of everything. It has forced us into forget ing about friends and family that are in need because all we want to think of is where we are going to get the next dollar and not what are family or need. It is pathetic that as a society we help other countries in need but let our own fall.

We feed afghanistan and we let our homeless people starve. When are we going to wake up. How many more people have to die because of our ignorant leaders. Leaders that let people like Bill Gates grab a monopoly and run our countries economy for them. People like him dont care about our homeless or people on welfare.

Why doesnt he put money into federal funding and help the people true ly in need. It doesnt matter to america because all we think about is whos going to win the big game not about people on welfare or people living in boxes on the side of street. When are we as americans going to start helping and vote in a president that cares because until we do this shit is go ign to keep go ign on. We need a president that cares about the people and doesnt just look at numbers and say oops. We need a president that will come outside there white washed walls and that will do something for the community.

I dont know about everyone else but i am sick of settling for something second best.