It is late evening and the sun is about to set on old highway 53 heading south from Yonkers to home. Willy driving in is car, continuously thinking to himself, what he his going to do about all his problems. You see Willy is down on himself about his success in life. He thinks to himself that he could be better known and make more money to pay off his bills.

As Willy is driving down the road it becomes hard for him to concentrate on the road as he thinks more and more about the good things that had not happened to him. Willy is going home to a wife that loves him very much and two sons who care about him like two sons should even though they have caused a lot of stress on Willy. Once young adults grow up and you get through to them they usually will come around and be a productive considerate member of society. Willy thought long and hard the rest of the twenty minuet drive about nothing but negative things. Willy has a lot of positive things going for him, and at the moment he can't grasp them. He pulls up to his home and gathers his briefcase with files of sales and heads to the front door.

(Scene 1 begins) Linda in the morning of her husband's death whom she still loves very much is finding it hard for herself to go on with her life. She knows she has her boys who love her very much and are going to be there for her. She sits and thinks how hard Willy worked for them to own that house and know she sees no reason to go on with here life. The community came together to encourage Linda to carry on and with this she meet a lot of people. She is know seeing someone a little younger than her, but he his in the house to comfort her. She thinks what it would have been like with Willy still there or if he his watching right know.

The two sons are doing well know, they are both out west working hard in the construction business and make a point to visit mom and the grave of Willy Loman, there hard working stressed father. They all think to themselves if he where here know he could have been able to enjoy himself hopefully. Willy Loman the main character and the salesman in the story took actions that may influence the results in the outcome of his life. Willy is hard on his oldest son Biff for the reason of molding him into a strong person. Willy tries hard to motivate Biff in is way of motivating. When Willy starts to motivate Biff it seems has if he is trying to be hard on him.

The yelling that Willy did at Biff makes him madder and for that matter it doesn't help motivation of people. Biff needed to be talked to somewhat like and adult and Willy assumed not attempt that. Shortly after he died his wife Linda was able to make the last payment on the house. Has Willy died he never thought that he see the house paid off and him not even be able to live and enjoy it.