Bar Flies When you go to the bar it seems there are always people hanging around much like flies hang around a barn. The people that frequent bars are from many different backgrounds. They are there for a variety of reasons. Some are there to have a burger with friends. Others are spending their time drowning their sorrows with a few drinks.

People who frequent bars can be classified into three groups; lifers, regulars, and those who are there to socialize. The first category of bar flies is the lifers. The lifers are the people that always seem to be at the bar. Lifers spend five to seven nights of the week in the bar. They are not always drinking beer or alcohol often they are drinking coffee and talking with the bar tender. The lifers may be seen by those who come into the bar as drunken bums.

The lifers many times are found in the bar; in the morning for coffee, at lunch for a beer and burger and in the evening for their evening meal and drinks. The lifers are always happy to receive a drink purchased by another patron of the bar. The lifers appear too many as people who actually spend their entire life in the bar. The second category of bar flies is the regulars. Regulars spend two to three nights each week in the bar. They are familiar with the wait staff and the lifers.

They also, know what number their favorite song is on the jukebox. Regulars are many times participants in the dart, pool, or volley ball leagues that the bar sponsors. They will also invite friends in to join them in their time at the bar. It is not unusual to find the regulars intermixed with the lifers. The final category of bar flies is those that come to the bar to socialize. This group does not have a regular schedule of times to be at the bar.

Many times they will be found there on a Friday or Saturday evening with a group of friends. Their attendance in any bar functions such as the pool, and the dart league is nonexistent. They may come in to celebrate the birthday of a friend or attend a bachelor party. They are not generally familiar with the staff of the establishment. In many cases the social bar fly only knows the people in his or her own group. The social bar fly is not there to visit with the regulars or lifers.

In conclusion the bar is a place where many people spend time. The purpose of the bar is different for each type of bar fly. Much like barn flies it appears that lifers have begun and will end their life in the bar. For the regulars the bar is a place to hang out and be entertained by the things that are happening at the bar on a regular schedule.

For those that come to the bar to socialize the bar is a place to meet up with a group of friends every now and again. Bars are reliant upon all types of bar flies. The lifers, regulars and those that come to socialize are what make a bar an interesting place to spend time.